Korn Documentary, 'Loud Krazy Love,' Has A New Trailer, Promising An Intimate Look Behind The Scenes

In what is being called the "Four Bands, Four Nights" series, Showtime is bringing music fans four different rock documentaries for the month of December. Kicking off with Jeff Beck: Still on the Run, the four-night-event will also look into the histories of G.G. Allin and Agnostic Front.

But perhaps the most buzzed-about of the four documentaries is the intimate look at Korn-guitarist Brian "Head" Welch in the upcoming documentary, Loud Krazy Love, which is set to premiere on December 14 at 10 p.m. ET. The documentary will focus primarily on the relationship between Korn's Brian Welch and his daughter.

Recently, Revolver posted the news that Loud Krazy Love now has an official trailer, which has been making the rounds online. The film was directed by Scott Mayo and Trey Hill, and has been making a lot of noise at film festival across the country, but will be seen for the first time by the general public this month.

In the trailer, Brian Welch discusses issues of addiction and worries of being a bad parent which ultimately led up to his quitting the band in 2005 to pursue a life of Christianity and reconnection with his daughter. Welch discusses how bad things got while touring with Korn and coping with the overwhelming success of being in such a huge band.

"I was just scared that I was gonna screw up the kid like I was screwing up myself. I couldn't stop being bad to my body. I couldn't stop these addictions. I had become an animal."
Welch talks about having been addicted to methamphetamine, while his daughter discusses having seen all kinds of less-than-wholesome activity backstage at previous Korn concerts. The upcoming documentary also features commentary from other bandmates, including Jonathan Davis and James "Munky" Shaffer, who were both blindsided and devastated when Welch left the group in 2005.
Brian Welch did ultimately rejoin Korn in May of 2012 while the band performed on stage for that year's Carolina Rebellion in North Carolina.

Upon re-joining the group, Korn recorded an album with Welch titled The Paradigm Shift, which was released in 2013. Later, the band recorded another record with Welch, which culminated as the 2016 album, The Serenity of Suffering.

Currently, Korn is working on a new album, which is expected to be out sometime in 2019. A release date has not yet been revealed. In a recent interview, Welch said the band is "taking their time" on recording the upcoming album, which both he and other bandmates have assured fans will be heavy and worth the wait.