Jessa Duggar Gets A Lesson On Car Seat Safety And Snacking In Car After Sharing Adorable Snap Of Henry

Jessa Duggar shared a sweet photo of her youngest son Henry on social media just a couple days ago — and got more than she bargained for.

It’s almost inevitable that whenever a pic of a celebrity kid is posted, there are going to be trolls who will try to mom-shame, or even dad-shame, them. When it comes to seeing a child sitting in a car seat, that seems to give people a boost in making sure they let the parents know that they are not doing it correctly.

When Jessa Duggar decided to share a snapshot on Instagram of Henry sound asleep in his car seat, she got more advice than she may have wanted. The little guy had fallen asleep while in the car. What made it extra adorable was that he fell asleep while eating Cheerios. You can see one stuck to his lips. He is totally unaware of it. He also has a trail of the yummy cereal down his shirt.

While most fans focused on the total sweetness of a one-year-old boy, there were a handful of comments from others who paid more attention to the danger that they said he was in. In other words, his mother does not know how to adjust the straps the right way, as the comments on her timeline suggested.

“Why are you risking the safety of your precious son?” one person asked. Others specifically told the mom-of-two that the chest clip on the car seat straps was placed the wrong way.

There were some Duggar fans who said that they were just waiting to see the car seat comments to show up, and they sure did.

Jessa also got slammed for letting her son eat snacks in the car. While some had issues with how little Henry was strapped in his car seat — or the Cheerios that he was partaking in — most of the comments praised Jessa for such an adorable photo, saying that it had brightened their day.

One person jokingly wrote, “I love Jessa because she has just the right amount of sass. She probably posts car seat pictures just to read the ridiculous comments and opinions.”

That could very well be true. Jessa Duggar does often clap back to some of the comments on her parenting skills. Every so often so she even explains her stance on some of the things she does concerning her boys.

She certainly isn’t the only celeb who gets slammed on social media. Even Chrissy Teigen recently got mom-shamed, after she posted a photo of her son Miles wearing a corrective helmet on his little head.

There will always be opinions on how moms raise their children — no matter who it is — thanks to social media. However, Jessa Duggar doesn’t seem to let it bother her too much.

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