Kim Kardashian Reveals That Kanye West's Comments On Slavery Had Her 'Hysterically Crying'

Kim Kardashian addresses her husband Kanye West's controversial comments on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, E! News is reporting. In a new clip, Kardashian explains to friends Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck how she reacted upon hearing West's views on slavery during a "wild" interview with TMZ in May. As another article from E! News reports, West seemed to imply that slavery was an option.

"When you hear about slavery for 400 years—for 400 years? That sounds like a choice," West said.

While many were concerned over West's mental health following the comments, Kardashian tells her friends the whole thing was a misunderstanding -- although she was worried too at first.

"I rushed home, I was hysterically crying," she said of first hearing the news. "So I go home…he's totally fine."

"I always know what Kanye's intentions are and what he's trying to say, but I also know that they're gonna write a headline and people are gonna assume that that's exactly what you said and what you meant," she continues in a confessional scene."He didn't say slavery is a choice, he was saying if you're gonna still be enslaved for another 400 years than that's some bulls--t."

Kardashian insists that West can't hold himself back when he is passionate about a topic. She believes that he "can't control what he says" when he gets "ramped up." She also said that West doesn't understand why people are shocked by the comment when he has said "crazy s--t" throughout his entire career. He feels that his intense comments are a defining characteristic of his and helps make him who he is. Still, while Kardashian may be able to understand what West was trying to communicate, many of his fans did not. West eventually apologized for the comments during a radio interview in August.

West said he wanted to officially apologize to the people he "let down" by his comments, and he also apologized for his "Make America Great Again" hat. The rapper has been wearing the MAGA hat throughout the year, and many of his fans found his support of President Donald Trump uncomfortable. According to Cosmopolitan, West said he would no longer be talking to the press about politics in a series of tweets in September. West tweeted that he realized he was being "used to spread messages [he doesn't] believe in." West added that he supports many views that Trump is against, such as prison reform, gun control, and immigration.