Jon & Kate Gosselin’s Son Collin Looks Like He’s Been ‘To Hell And Back’ Amid Custody War, ‘Per Radar’

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s son, Collin, has reportedly changed quite a bit since being sent off to a school for children with special needs more than two years ago. The sextuplet son of the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 stars has a more serious demeanor than he had a few years ago when fans last saw him on the TLC reality show, Radar Online reports.

A source close to the reality TV family says Collin is worse for the wear amid his parents’ nasty custody battle, which recently resulted in Jon getting sole physical and legal custody of the 14-year-old when Kate didn’t show up for their court date. Kate Gosselin reportedly asked a day earlier for the hearing to be postponed, but her request was not granted, according to Us Weekly.

Collin Gosselin will now live with his dad and sextuplet sister Hannah when he gets out of the treatment facility. And while this should be happy news, the insider, who recently saw Collin Gosselin at a local restaurant with his dad over the Thanksgiving break, said the boy looks he’s been to “hell and back” after two years in a treatment center and amid the very public battle over his custody.

“He wasn’t this happy, full of energy kid I remember. He looks like a kid who has been to hell and back. I feel like he grew up so fast in the couple of years he’s been away. Hopefully, he gets out soon.”

The Gosselin family source added that Jon was seen trying to cheer his son up “and keep him in good spirits” during the meal at the Pennsylvania eatery.

The new description of Collin Gosselin’s demeanor is in stark contrast to recent photos of the boy posted by his father to Instagram in which he is smiling and appearing to be ecstatic to be home with his dad and sister.

In a previous interview with Radar Online, Jon Gosselin’s close friend and longtime barber, Eric Rodriguez, revealed that he gave Collin a haircut during a rare visit home in early November and that the teen appeared “so happy” to be back with his father and sister Hannah.

Gosselin’s friend also told Radar the sextuplet “can’t wait” to come home for good.

“When Collin was here, he got a little down when I asked him if he was excited to go back [to the facility]…He was bummed about going back. …I asked him if he was excited about going to regular school and he said, yeah he’s super excited about it. He just said he didn’t like his other school that he was in before that facility, the one that Kate had him in. I can definitely tell that he can’t wait to come home. I don’t think he really likes the place. Let’s hope he gets out soon.”

Another source told Entertainment Tonight that “Collin is doing great. It took a while to get here, but things are all coming together. Jon just wants to have his family back, and live his life.”

The target date for Collin Gosselin to come home for good is reportedly December 18.

After Jon and Kate Gosselin split in 2009, the mom of eight was granted full legal custody of twins Cara and Mady and sextuplets Collin, Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Joel, and Aaden. The exes were both granted shared physical custody of their children at the time, but Jon Gosselin was vocal about the fact that he never knew which of his kids he would get to see each week.

Kate Gosselin has not publicly commented on her missed court date or the custody arrangement for her son Collin.