The Duchess Of Cornwall Wants A Unique Christmas Present And It Can’t Be Found At The Mall

Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall and wife to Prince Charles, likely already has nearly every material possession she could want. Living a life of royalty has allowed her to experience luxury in a way most can only dream of. However, when she was asked about what her perfect Christmas present would be, she was able to think of one item she’d always wanted, according to Hello!.

The Duchess has a special appreciation for the arts, particularly historic pieces that are usually only found in museums. If she could have any Christmas gift this holiday season, she’d like a painting by artist Alfred Munnings. “I’ve always wanted a Munnings, I’m not sure how I’ll get my wish. Nobody painted horses better,” she said. Of course, this isn’t a gift that Prince Charles could purchase easily, and it certainly wouldn’t be found at the nearest art gallery.

Munnings was a popular wartime artist who died long ago in 1959. He was once known to create the most exquisite paintings of horses in all of England. He preferred an impressionist style, often utilizing long brush strokes and natural colors that perfectly encapsulated the beauty of the English countryside, according to Art Net. His work is hard to come by, being shown only at the Manchester Art Gallery and the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Prince Charles would certainly have to pull a few strings to get this rare gift for his wife. Nevertheless, if anyone was to succeed in locking down such a prized item, it would likely be him. Meanwhile, Camilla can take in the beauty of Manning’s work at public exhibitions.

The Duchess of Cornwall isn’t the only one anxious for the arrival of the Christmas season this year. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also in the holiday spirit, having recently held a festive party at Kensington Palace. The event was intended to honor military men and women who would be away from home during the holiday season. The party was completed with plenty of elaborate Christmas decor and a craft station for the children to enjoy. The youth of the royal family and their friends had fun decorating stockings and snow globes to take home with them. Duchess Kate recently spoke about how excited her children are for the holiday season, already belting out the Christmas tunes they learned in school and adding their own unique ornaments to the family tree.

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