WWE Rumor: Alexa Bliss Not Cleared For In-Ring Return

Just yesterday, the Inquisitr reported that Alexa Bliss was “100 percent cleared” to return to in-ring competition. However, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this isn’t the case.

The reason for the initial report was an interview with retired WWE Superstar Mark Henry on Busted Open Radio. In it, he said he had a 15-20 minute chat with Alexa Bliss where the two talked about the symptoms of her concussions, how she went back too soon the first time, and most importantly, how she is “100 percent” cleared to come back and compete in a WWE ring.

“She came back too soon and was in a bad place, but she’s fine and has been cleared,” said Mark Henry in the interview.

The report from Meltzer, however, says that Bliss has limited clearance for physical activity. He also noted that she was taking light bumps at the WWE Performance Center, but that WWE medical staff was close by whenever she was getting physical.

The speculation really got started when Bliss tweeted a photo of herself training at the Performance Center in Florida. As soon as the tweet went out, fans all over the internet were excited about the prospect of the former Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion making a return to the ring.

As noted by Mark Henry, Bliss said that she came back too early last time, and it appears that WWE wants to make sure she doesn’t take any unnecessary risks.

According to Henry, Bliss suffered some negative symptoms from coming back too early that actually sounded quite scary.

“She was like ‘Yeah, I was really bad off. I couldn’t remember where I was. I couldn’t remember what I was doing in the city.'”

In recent weeks, the WWE has also transitioned Alexa Bliss into an onscreen authority role. Acting Raw General Manager Baron Corbin decided to put Bliss in charge of the entire Raw women’s division. This gives her something to do and keeps her at the front of fans’ minds while she’s on the road to recovery.

When she comes back, it’ll be interesting to see if WWE keeps her near the top of the division or if the company will be more reserved since she’s suffered from quite a few injuries in a short time.

Mark Henry was very encouraging to Bliss, reminding her that she’s “a major player” in the women’s division.

Even though Henry seemed confident that she was cleared, he did note that there was no timeframe for when she would come back. Based on this new report from the Wrestling Observer, it looks like we could be waiting even longer to see her get back in the ring.