Stella Maxwell Poses With Snakes Wrapped Around Her Body During An Unconventional Massage

Stella Maxwell shared a new Instagram photo of herself posing with snakes, and it’s got her fans talking. The model thanked Serpentessa for the experience, who is a “snake priestess” from Dreaming Goddess in Poughkeepsie, according to CBS New York. She gives people the opportunity to experience an unconventional massage which uses snakes, rather than one’s hands.

“[The snakes] tone and stimulate the vagus nerve in our body and that releases endorphins and oxytocin. Those are the feel good hormones.”

As far as the safety of the massages go, Serpentessa was fairly blunt when she said, “There are no guarantees with a wild animal. You are the one who’s going to choose whether if it’s is [sic] safe for you or not. So no one has ever been hurt by one of my boa constrictors.”

Even so, it’s obviously not for anyone who has a fear of snakes, as the ones in Stella’s photo is wrapped around her waist and body. Her Instagram Stories gave more glimpses of the experience for fans, including a photo that showed them slithering around her chest, while another was wrapped around her leg at the same time.

The model sported a colorful outfit for the massage, including a tie-dye t-shirt and zebra-print leggings. She also sported fishnet stockings, and wore her hair up in a loose bun.

Fans either loved it or told Stella to be “careful.” Others said, “So much nope” and “No Go.” Her supporters commented, “Enchanting your inner Britney #imaslave4u” and “Your [sic] brave.”

Maxwell didn’t appear scared in any of the pictures, and obviously capitalized on the opportunity to get some unforgettable shots. She wore some dark eyeliner and pink lipstick for the occasion, along with some necklaces and rings.

The model has been busy lately, and has been keeping her fans clued in on social media. A new post yesterday showed Stella in a black, strappy dress for a Marc Jacobs event. Maxwell paired the dress with a black jacket, and accentuated her eyes with super dark eyeliner on the top and bottom, along with purple mascara and pink lipstick. She wore her hair down, and sported a silver necklace.

Prior to that, the Victoria’s Secret model shared pictures from the fashion show screening, where she wore an all-white outfit with silver pumps. This included some white pants, along with a long blazer with no shirt underneath. She kept the blazer mostly unbuttoned, showing off her midriff and long necklaces.

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