Jessica Simpson Fires Back At Natalie Portman Following Bikini Shade

Jessica Simpson is firing back against Natalie Portman after the actress made some choice remarks in a recent interview. The singer posted a lengthy Instagram message to the award-winning actress, addressing the recent controversy.

In an interview with USA Today, Natalie Portman opened up about her experiences growing up in the entertainment industry. The actress, who plays a fictional pop star in her latest film Vox Lux, discussed the conflicting messages put out by the music industry — and how they had a profound impact on her growing up.

“I remember being a teenager, and there was Jessica Simpson on the cover of a magazine saying ‘I’m a virgin’ while wearing a bikini, and I was confused. Like, I don’t know what this is trying to tell me as a woman, as a girl.”

Upon seeing this, Simpson had some strong words for Portman. The singer took to social media where she posted a lengthy response to the actress regarding her statements. In them, Simpson confessed to being “disappointed” by what Portman had said about her — emphasizing that she was, in fact, a virgin back in 1999 when the photo in question was taken.

“As public figures, we both know our images are not totally in our control at all times, and that the industry we work in often tries to define us and box us in,” she wrote on Instagram.

“However, I was taught to be myself and honor the different ways all women express themselves, which is why I believed then – and I believe now – that being sexy in a bikini and proud of my body are not synonymous with having sex.”

The post goes on to urge Portman against shaming other women for their personal choices and encourages her instead to empower women to make their own decisions.

But Jessica Simpson isn’t letting this controversy slow her down. The busy singer, designer, and mother is preparing for something much more significant: the birth of her third child with husband Eric Johnson. The two are already parents to daughter Maxwell, 6, and son Ace, 5. Their third addition to the brood will be a daughter.

Portman has not yet commented on Simpson’s response to her statements. Vox Lux has a limited release this Friday, with more cities being added in later weeks. The movie has received critical acclaim, and reports are swirling that Portman’s performance has her on the fast track for an Oscar nomination.