Jimmy Fallon Reveals On ‘The Tonight Show’ How Kate Hudson Friend-Zoned Him

On Monday evening’s episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon spilled the details about his former crush on his Almost Famous co-star Kate Hudson. He revealed that, instead of dating the actress, he ended up introducing her to her now-ex-husband Chris Robinson, according to E! News.

Fallon told the story during a game of “Loaded Questions” with his guest for the evening, MaryQueen of Scots star Margot Robbie. Fallon explained the rules of the game before they began to play.

Both stars had to silently read a personal question written on a coaster and give the answer out loud. If a player then chose not to reveal what the question was, they had to take a shot of alcohol. Each player had to reveal at least one question during the game.

One of the final questions of the game asked if either player had a crush on one of their co-stars in the past. Fallon admitted that he went on a failed date with Hudson during their time on the 2002 comedy film Almost Famous.

“We were, like, super good friends,” Fallon said in the clip

He invited Hudson to see the comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall, where they met Robinson, lead singer of The Black Crowes, for the first time.

The following day, Fallon and Hudson were set to go ice skating in Central Park together. Before Hudson joined Fallon at the rink, she called the talk show host to ask him if he had any Black Crowes CDs. At first, Fallon thought nothing of the question and let her borrow his music. However, after skating around the rink a few times, Hudson said that she had to leave for a date with Robinson.

“I was like ‘Oh, yeah, of course that’s what you’re doing.’ Crying on the inside, I was like ‘You clearly have no [interest in me],” Fallon joked in a sarcastic tone, imitating how he reacted at the ice rink.

He finished up the story by saying that Hudson went on to marry Robinson and have children. Poor Fallon never got his chance with the actress.

While Robbie didn’t have a crush of her own to share, she did come across a few other awkward questions, according to Mashable. For example, she revealed that she broke up with someone on Valentine’s Day, with her answer to the question being “I’m sorry to do this to you on Valentine’s Day.”

The actress also chose to avoid revealing questions, leaving Fallon and the audience wondering what it could have been, especially when her answer to an unknown question was “Will Smith.”

“I cannot tell you that question, I’m afraid. Make of it what you will,” Robbie said with a sly smile while the audience erupted in “oohs.” She finished out her turn by fearlessly taking back a shot.

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