Jax Taylor Says He Had Brittany Cartwright’s Engagement Ring Shoved Down His Pants For 2 Hours Before Proposal

Jax Taylor knows firsthand that love hurts. The Vanderpump Rules star got down on one knee for a painful proposal to longtime girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, but it wasn’t because he was dreading an engagement. Instead, Taylor shoved his bride-to-be’s three-carat engagement ring down his pants so she wouldn’t see it during their date night, and he now admits it was a brutal beginning to one of the happiest days of his life.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jax Taylor opened up about his “brutal” proposal to Brittany Cartwright, which took place in June at Neptune’s Net, a fish shack in Malibu. Taylor, who shoved the ring box down his pants to hide it from Cartwright during their Lyft ride to Malibu, admitted he didn’t think the logistics through and that the beachside location was quite a hike from the couple’s apartment in West Hollywood.

“So an hour and a half drive, mind you, I’m nervous as hell, I’m in really tight pants, I’m hiding the ring box in my crotch region and my stomach hurts and I have no idea what to say, so it was brutal. I’ve got to tell you, from the moment I left my apartment until I got there, it was brutal.”

The former SUR bartender revealed that the three-carat rock was shoved down his pants for nearly two hours before he popped the question to Brittany and that “it really hurt.”


Taylor, who revealed on Monday’s Vanderpump Rules premiere that he used money that he inherited from his late father Ronald Cauchi to purchase Brittany’s custom ring, explained that Neptune’s Net was his dad’s favorite place to eat when he visited California.

“You can see the sun setting, the dolphins are out and surfers, so it’s kind of just fun to have some crabs and dinner there, so I thought I would do it there just because it meant so much to me and my father and us. It had a lot of meaning all around.”

While the setting was picture perfect, Jax Taylor had another issue besides the ring box jabbing his privates as he waited to pop the question to his longtime love. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Taylor revealed that he actually blacked out for a few seconds as he got down on one knee to ask Brittany to be his wife.

“I was beyond nervous,” Taylor admitted. “I blacked out and I’ve never blacked out in my life. Even drinking, drinking [a lot], I literally blacked out for a good five, six seconds after I asked! I had to sit down and I was like, I’m panicking. That took a lot. That was a lot. And it wasn’t because I was nervous about asking her. I didn’t realize how much… this is a big deal.”

You can see Jax Taylor talking about the ring he gave to Brittany Cartwright in the Vanderpump Rules clip below.

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