God of War III is complete, and cruelly out of reach

Development on God of War III, a game I would happily sell my grandmothergrandparents entire miserable family for, is “complete” – yet for some damn reason we’re not allowed to buy it until March 2009. Why? Because the universe is a cruel place that repeatedly laughs in my face and craps in my kettle.

Also, some stuff about play-testing. Sony’s director of development John Hight on why Sony likes to hurt me:

“We just made beta with the game so we’re doing a lot of play-testing, tuning the game to make sure that it’s fun, got the right level of complexity and of course optimised so that it runs super-smooth. The entire game is complete – we’re not adding anything to it.”

If you’re in North America, then you can already get a slice of Kratos’s latest adventure if you buy the excellent God of War Collection – a fully playable God of War III demo comes bundled with the title. In PAL regions, codes for the demo are available if you know the right people.

[Via CVG]