‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chaos Ensues As Kiki’s Murder Raises Questions Throughout Port Charles

Monday’s episode of General Hospital will raise a lot of questions for the residents of Port Charles, but there may not be many answers provided yet. Ryan killed off Kiki — and is framing Griffin — and spoilers suggest that things will get wild as everybody tries to figure out what happened.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, both Jordan and Chase will inject themselves into the investigation into Kiki’s death this week. During Monday’s show, Curtis will think that he might have some useful information that is relevant to the investigation, and SheKnows Soaps shares that Jordan will quickly get another lead of some sort.

Griffin is already the prime suspect, but both Alexis and Anna are stepping up to try to help him as much as they can. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central note that Griffin will desperately try to convince the authorities that he is innocent, and it looks as if Sasha will be asked to talk about the drama that recently ensued — drama related to Kiki and Griffin.

As news of Kiki’s murder spreads, Ava sneaks out of her place with a loaded gun — and manages to slink off to confront Griffin. “Kevin” will talk with Julian about this development, seemingly nudging Julian to wonder how far Ava might go in avenging Kiki’s death. Viewers know that Ryan is secretly relishing all of this chaos. In fact, executive producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that Ryan is going to be making a risky move of sorts during this December 3 episode.

How far will Ava go during her confrontation with Griffin? General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get intense in the holding room at the PCPD as Ava threatens Griffin — and he begs for her to hold off. The chances are good that someone will realize what’s going on, and interrupt, before Ava can get too carried away.

As Ava implodes, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Carly will become giddy over something on her end. Could it be that she sees this as an opportunity for Sonny in relation to Avery?

Sonny and Ava have continued to battle over custody of Avery, and Carly may see this situation as a way to ensure that Avery stays with them for good. It is possible that Carly’s excitement has to do with something else, perhaps Margaux or even Mike, and more clarity will come during Monday’s show.

Viewers will see more focus on Jason and Sam during Monday’s show too. He’ll insist that he’s happy to continue to wait for her to figure out what she wants next, but he will point out that things will always be complicated for them. General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam will be pleasantly surprised in some way, and “JaSam” fans are anxious to see more fireworks between these two.

How long will it take for Griffin to convince Jordan and Chase that he’s innocent? What will it take for people to pick up on Ryan’s schemes? General Hospital spoilers tease that December will bring wild twists and turns for viewers — and people can’t wait to see what happens next.