Lil' Xan Checks Into Rehab, Girlfriend Posts On Instagram About It

Rapper Lil' Xan (real name Diego) is checking into rehab for his opioid addiction with fans supporting him through his recovery.

"Diego was just admitted to his first treatment," Lil' Xan's girlfriend Annie wrote on an Instagram post. "He loves each and every one of you for sending good wishes and prayers to him."

The rapper was scheduled to start rehab in mid-November, telling TMZ that he wanted to get his addiction under control after Mac Miller's death opened his eyes to the harsh realities of drug addiction.

Another rapper, Lil Peep, died a year ago for the same reasons, pushing Lil' Xan to seek treatment.

"This sweet angel of mine officially entered rehab this morning," Annie wrote in another Instagram post about the mix-up. "I'm sorry for all the confusion circulating about Diego leaving for rehab. It's a tricky thing since people are coming in and out of the facility so often that rooms end up getting switched around and dates can be pushed back."

Annie said that he will be back soon with another top 10 album!

Lil' Xan plans to stay sober in order to focus on his Mac Miller tribute album, TMZ reported.

According to a Chicago Tribune report, life expectancy in the United States has been decreasing due to an increase in opioid-related deaths.

Meanwhile, Lil' Xan is not the only celebrity paying tribute to the late Mac Miller. Ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande shouted him out in her latest hit, "Thank U, Next," and in behind-the-scenes footage from the music video, fans noticed a new tattoo cover up, TMZ noted.

The pop singer had a foot tattoo of her ex-fiance's father's 9/11 badge numbers, but now has a tattoo of Mac Miller's dog, named "Myron," in the same spot.

In her "Thank U, Next" song, Ariana Grande said she wishes that she could thank Mac Miller for all that he has taught her because he was an angel.

Actually, Lil' Xan's rapper name comes from the prescription drug Xanax after a friend noticed how much he loved taking the drug.

In a radio interview posted to YouTube back in February, the rapper opened up about trying Xanax for the first time on his 18th birthday but says his addiction started when he was prescribed a different kind of anxiety medication.

"It amazes me that kids with no anxiety abuses it," Lil' Xan said. "It's not cool. You don't have to pop Xans to be cool and it's sad that that's a thing."