Justin Trudeau Vs Donald Trump Explaining Things In Telling Viral Video

It is not secret, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is articulate, smart, and great at explaining things. Meanwhile, United States President Donald Trump is… not as articulate or smart at explaining things.

To illustrate that glaring difference, PoliticsVideoChannel created and posted a buzzworthy video over the weekend that’s gone viral with more than 1.92 million views, over 47,000 “likes” and nearly 22,000 retweets on Twitter. The footage shows Trudeau explaining computers in stunning and articulate detail contrasted with the moment Trump explained uranium. One world leader sounded intelligent while the other sounded unintelligent.

Trudeau, 46, broke down the way regular computers work as binary systems compared to how quantum computers work. He explained that quantum computers allow for more complex information to be encoded into a single bit where typical computers encoded using ones and zeros, which indicates either on or off. He explained it casually, saying “as we know” like it is just general knowledge for anybody listening.

To compare, Trump, 72, asked someone “you know what uranium is, right? A thing called nuclear weapons and other things. Like lots of things are done with uranium including some bad things.”

Most people who have sat through simple English classes know that among the first rules teachers give is not to describe things using the word “things,” which Trump did in this video repeatedly, and it’s typical of the way he explains many concepts.

Twitter did its thing, and some of the comments are hilarious or simply spot on. One user pointed out, “And what’s even better is Trudeau can explain things in TWO languages!”

Another asked the U.S.’s neighbors to the north, “Could we just sort of borrow Trudeau for a couple of years? I promise we’ll return him in 2020!” Echoing that sentiment, another offered a unique solution, “How about we share him, ok? That’s what good neighbors do.”

People in the United Kingdom even got in on the action. One hilarious commenter wrote, “Erh, we could do with some help over here in the UK, could we maybe have him at weekends?”

One person said what many people feel about the state of things with Trump.

“Crying and laughing at the same time.”

Finally, a commenter issued a possibly insurmountable challenge. She said, “I challenge anyone to find one full minute of trump talking where it actually sounds like he knows what he is talking about in a comprehensible way.”

Among suggestions for Trump to improve his speaking skills were a thesaurus for Christmas and vocabulary building classes. Both might lead to an improvement. Of course, the president has muddled through for nearly two years without those, er, things.

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