‘Baki’ Season 3, Episode 24 Spoilers: Doyle, Yanagi Suffer Brutal Defeat, Baki On The Verge Of Death

Keisuke Itagaki (AKITASHOTEN)1992Netflix

Baki Season 3 Episode 24, which is currently available at Netflix, started with the conversation between Izou Motobe, Ryuukou Yanagi, and Yujiro Hanma. The strongest creature on the planet appeared after Motobe defeated Yanagi in their one-on-one duel. Yujiro told them that the fight won’t be concluded unless Yanagi admitted that he lost to Motobe.

However, despite his current condition, Yanagi still have the guts to taunt a monster like Yujiro. Master Goki Shibukawa, who was previously seen having hallucinations, managed to reach the park where he was supposed to fight Yanagi. Yujiro was about to leave the place when Yanagi said words that made him change his mind. Instead of letting Motobe finish the death row inmate, Yujiro decided to hit Yanagi with a fatal blow that quickly ended his life.

Baki Season 3 Episode 24 also featured the encounter between Biscuit Oliva and Hector Doyle. Oliva found Doyle in a cave where he hid after escaping from Yanagi. Doyle has lost both of his eyes after Yanagi poisoned him in their previous fight. Despite being blind, Doyle still decided to fight Oliva. The strongest man in the USA took a punch from Doyle, but it didn’t give him any damage. Before knocking out the enemy, Oliva noticed that one of Doyle’s eyes was poisoned.

Oliva brought the death row inmate to the hospital where the Doctor confirmed that he was poisoned. Oliva showed his expertise of poisons and the human body. Oliva said that it would become a serious problem if the poison enters someone’s bloodstream.

Baki Season 3 Episode 24 revealed that Baki is currently on the verge of death. Like Doyle, Yanagi also used his poison hand against Baki. Since their fight, Baki has gone thinner and looks pale. After Kozue saw Baki’s body, she decided to bring him to the nearest hospital where he was attended by Dr. Shinogi Kureha.

The news about Baki’s deteriorating condition quickly spread around Japan. All his powerful friends, including Doppo Orochi, Retsu Kaio, Katsumi Orochi, and Goki Shibukawa, decided to visit him in the hospital. After a series of tests, Kureha learned that Baki was poisoned and frankly told Kozue that he can’t be saved. Baki left the hospital and returned to his old house. He assured Kozue that everything will be fine.

Baki Season 3 Episode 24 also showed the first appearance of Muhammad Ali Jr. Ali Jr. demonstrated his power against a respectable opponent named Dave. After earning an easy victory over Dave, Ali Jr. met with the strongest creature on the planet, Yujiro Hanma, who asked him about the condition of his father, the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.