Alec Baldwin’s ‘Donald Trump’ Returns To SNL With ‘Evita’ Parody

Alec Baldwin was back in character as President Trump during the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, and along with him he brought a touch of Broadway that fans of Madonna’s 1996 musical drama Evita might’ve appreciated.

In keeping with the the politics of the day, the setting of Saturday night’s (December 1) cold open brought viewers to a balcony in Argentina — where Baldwin’s Trump stood sulking over the various scandals he continues to juggle. As was previously reported by the Washington Post, President Trump hasn’t been able to shake Russia related controversy, even as he mixes it up with nearly two dozen statesmen from other nations in attendance at the annual G20 Summit. SNL‘s writers might have placed Baldwin’s character in Buenos Aires, but they stuck to the recurring script in regards to the affairs that were touched on throughout the seven minute segment.

The New York Daily News noted Baldwin as having been joined on the set by Cecily Strong, who played First Lady Melania, Kate McKinnon in the role of Rudy Giuliani, Ben Stiller as former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, and a Vladimir Putin/Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman tandem as conveyed by Beck Bennett and Fred Armisen, respectively.

Strong’s Melania helped spark the dialogue by trying to cheer the president up, before pondering aloud about what she’d do with the president’s money should Mueller’s investigation lead to his arrest. She’d then leave the stage to make way for McKinnon’s Giuliani, who assures Baldwin’s Trump that his secrets are safe on national television. After McKinnon pretends to fly from the stage with bat wings, the lead man gives a call to Stiller’s embodiment of Cohen, who laments over Trump entrusting him with incriminating information. Then finally, Bennett enters with his shirt off and thick Putin accent intact and Armisen tags along in Saudi garb. Much of their stage time proved unsettling, as a couple of comedic allusions to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi were made.

At one point during the sketch, Baldwin blurred the lines between Trump’s temperament and his own by joking that the thought of Robert Mueller’s collusion probe had made him more upset than he could remember being at any point since he “flipped out over that parking space.” The quip served as a reference to the actor’s recent arrest for what the New York Times reports to have been an alleged assault outside of his Manhattan residence. The timing of the remark was fitting, as Baldwin was making his first appearance on the show since the incident. In fact, it was the first time Baldwin brought Trump back to the SNL audience since the October 13 episode that parodied Kanye West’s visit to the White House, according to USA Today.

Before bringing his latest appearance to a conclusion, Strong, McKinnon, Stiller, Bennett, and Armisen would all return to the stage to convene with Baldwin as he sang a rendition of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” that was modified so that the lyrics included lines like “the truth is I’m very guilty” and “It’s all a witch hunt, and we’re all witches.”