‘B&B’ Spoilers: Wayne Brady and Daughter Maile Share First Scene Together As Reese Buckingham & Tiffany

Johnny VyCBS

Bold and the Beautiful has recently welcomed Wayne Brady as part of the cast on this CBS soap opera. The actor also recently filmed his first ever scene with his 15-year-old daughter, and he is one proud papa.

It all started when Maile was cast to play the role of Tiffany in October. Inquisitr reported that Maile’s dad was none other than Let’s Make A Deal’s Wayne Brady. The doting dad took to social media and bragged about his daughter’s debut to the small screen.

He also took some time out to talk to head honcho Philip Bell, and impressed him so much that he offered him the role of Dr. Reese Buckingham. It seems as if the suave actor grew up watching Bold and the Beautiful with his grandmother and was already well-versed with the characters.

In the meantime, Maile had nailed her role as Emma Barber’s (Nia Sioux) best friend. Tiffany had reminded Emma of her past and her jealous tendencies and convinced her friend that she didn’t want to go down the same road with Xander (Adain Bradley). A month later, Emma dumped Xander.

Dr. Reese Buckingham made his first appearance on November 30. His on-screen daughter Zoe (Kiara Barnes) was very surprised to see her father at Forrester Creations. It seems as if they did not have a close relationship while she was growing up, and that Reese has now moved to LA to spend more time with her.

The father-and-daughter scene can be viewed on People and shows a rather cheeky dialogue between Wayne and Maile. It references their real-life relationship and shows the obvious connection between the two.

Tiffany asks if Taylor (Hunter Tylo) also works at Forrester Creations, and Reese replies that Taylor is a physician. Steffy’s father, Ridge, does work there though. Zoe is also standing in the room when Reese asks, “Hey, do you give your father a hard time like Zoe gives me?” Tiffany quips, “Never. I’m an angel.” She says that she needs to leave because they’re calling her and exits the room. Dr. Buckingham shares with Zoe his thoughts about Tiffany. Zoe doesn’t seem to be as impressed.

“That is a fine young lady. Her father must be proud.”

The episode is set to air on December 12 on CBS. Wayne’s 87-year-old grandmother will be able to watch her grandson and great-granddaughter together on a long-running soap. As Wayne said, “It was appointment viewing for myself and my grandmother.”