Meghan Markle Develops Coping Strategy As British Press Negativity Continues

Chris JacksonGetty Images

It wasn’t too long after the relationship of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry first made the news that Harry had to take matters into his own hands. Meghan Markle’s welcome from the British press was rather atrocious, and Prince Harry wasn’t having any of it.

The UK’s beloved prince called out the British press for the “abuse and harassment” that Meghan endured. Once Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement even more jabs about the “American divorcee” surfaced. This mirrored the archaic treatment of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s relationship back in 1937.

The only coping strategy available to Edward and Wallis Simpson was for Edward to give up the throne. You might say that relationship choices among the royal family have shaped history. Jumping ahead to 2018, the negativity in the press hasn’t changed all that much. What has changed drastically is the reaction from the new generation towards the royal family.

Instead of allowing the press to shape the royal family, Prince Harry condemned this negativity and continued on his merry way with the love of his life. It’s taken a long time to for the royal family to get here, considering this is basically the first generation that really married for love.

Three of the Queen’s four children saw the demise of their marriage, including Harry’s father, Prince Charles. While the royal family is fine with both Prince Harry and Prince William’s spousal choice, the British press doesn’t seem to mirror those thoughts.

It took a while for Kate Middleton to shine in the press, which not only attacked Kate, but her family as well. Meghan Markle has it a little bit different, as some of her family members are actually feeding the negativity to the media.

Where Kate Middleton’s parents were ripped apart by the media at one time, today they are mostly portrayed as doting grandparents. Kate not only had to cope with what the press was saying about her but her family as well.

Kate’s parents own a party planning business, and for years they were accused of cashing in on the royal fame of their daughter. Despite Carol Middleton creating this business before Kate even met Prince William, the slams continued.

So what does Meghan Markle do when the press surrounds the expectant mother with negative slams? According to The Cut, her coping strategy is to do nothing. Apparently, Meghan chooses to ignore the awful things that crop up in the bountiful harvest of news about her.

Vanity Fair reports that Prince Harry has the habit of reading the news but Meghan’s solution is to ignore the negative headlines. According to the website:

“Meghan is a believer in karma and she doesn’t want to sit there reading negative online stories and comments about herself. She feels to a degree the British press is out to get her and while she’s aware of the news and what’s going on, she tries her best not to read all the stories about her.”

It looks like Meghan Markle’s coping strategy is very simple. She won’t engage in things that are steeped in negativity. If she doesn’t read the headlines, she’s not sitting there stewing over what it has to say.

With that said, Meghan doesn’t bury her head in the sand. According to reports, Meghan Markle is well aware of what is being said in the news. She just doesn’t seek out the details by reading or listening to what’s being said.