Watch Alexis Ren’s Mesmerizing Tokyo Video Collage On Instagram, Including Clips From Light Museum

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Alexis Ren shared an amazing video collage from her adventures in Tokyo, Japan, and it’s definitely worth a watch for any fan. The video includes mesmerizing scenes from the world’s first-ever digital art museum, which uses lights, colors, graphics, and mirrors to create surreal spaces. Called the Mori Building Digital Art Museum: Epson teamLab Borderless, it’s a favorite destination for many tourists. And for models, it’s an extra amazing space to grab some unforgettable photos.

The Instagram video collage also shows Alexis posing by traditional lanterns, along with video from the city and a street filled with Christmas lights.

Additionally, Alexis shared a 10-minute video with her fans, where she did her first Q&A session. Ren appeared to be in her apartment, as she wore a black tank with a plaid shirt. She answered some of her fans’ questions, where she spent a lot of time talking about what it’s like to be known mainly for her beauty. Ren allowed herself to share some of her innermost feelings about the subject, including talking about how she feels that sometimes people forget that she’s a real person, especially on social media.

Alexis also mentioned her family several times, citing them as a source of support and also for the reason that she can remain humble regardless of her increasing fame or success.

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The model also talked briefly about how her time on Dancing With the Stars changed the way she perceives cameras. She said that the moment a camera turns on, that she starts judging herself. But the continual camera presence while filming for DWTS helped her bypass that feeling and allowed her to be herself.

It looks like a lot has been happening for Alexis since the show wrapped up, also. She’s believed to be in a relationship with pro dancer Alan Bersten, although neither have been very public about their goings-on. Also, she jetted off to Japan. Plus, Ren attended a Dior event, where she wore a black crop top, shiny black pants, black boots, and a neon orange jacket.

DWTS wasn’t Ren’s first time dancing. In fact, she has a ballet background, which she opened up to with Byrdie.

“It’s influenced my life. As far as modeling, it has helped me so much with posing; it helps me know my body more. Also, ballet elongates your muscles, so I’ve been blessed to have the kind of muscles that work in my favor and help with muscle memory.”