WWE News: Steve Austin Reveals Who He’d Wrestle If He Came Back

On the most recent episode of the Steve Austin Show, Stone Cold was asked who he’d like to face in a match if he were to make a WWE return, and one of the performers he’d like to get in the ring with is actually quite surprising. The news was reported by WrestleZone.

The first person Austin would like to have a match against should come as surprise to no one since the two are friends in real life, and they have a long and storied history of almost competing in the WWE: Brock Lesnar.

Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar were supposed to have a match on Raw, but Austin famously walked out before it even began back in 2002.

Stone Cold did some heavy teasing of the match in the past when he interviewed Paul Heyman on the WWE Network version of his podcast.

During that episode, Heyman flipped the interview on Stone Cold and asked him about facing Brock Lesnar, and Austin didn’t immediately shoot it down.

Instead, Austin said, “We can discuss it.” Of course, this question was in regards to the two facing off at WrestleMania 32, and the match never happened back then.

The other name Steve Austin dropped is much more surprising, as it’s a superstar who’s still a bit of an up-and-comer. Austin revealed that he’d like to take on Elias.

Steve Austin said that he thinks Elias is very entertaining, and that he has the ability to be a star from both his character and in-ring work. Stone Cold actually said that he’d like to “give Elias the rub,” which essentially means using his own star power to take Elias to the next level. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Austin would lose to Elias — just that they’d work together to help Elias get over more.

Austin was clear that he’s not actually teasing a return to the ring with these comments, but rather, he’s just stating a couple of names that would interest him if he were to make a comeback.

While the WWE certainly has the money to pay for a Stone Cold Steve Austin return, the retired superstar has managed to stay away.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, he doesn’t see Steve Austin getting in the ring again.

“I don’t see them wrestling. I mean Austin, I don’t believe Austin will ever wrestle again. I mean it’s been too many years and he’s 53. I don’t see Steve wrestling,” Meltzer said.

So while it’s great to imagine Steve Austin walking with Elias or stepping into Suplex City with Brock Lesnar, fans definitely shouldn’t get their hopes up about either match happening anytime soon.

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