Kevin Durant Twists Drake’s Nipple During Raptors Vs Warriors Game

As is often the case whenever one of the league’s more notable players swings through Toronto to take on the Raptors, Drake was in the house to steal some shine from the visiting Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, November 29, and Kevin Durant made sure to give him a good pinch to let him know he wasn’t dreaming.

Thanks to the absence of the Steph Curry-Draymond Green tandem and Kawhi Leonard doing a commendable job of equalizing Durant’s 51-point performance with pressing defense and 37 points of his own, Drake finally got to see his squad defeat the defending NBA champs. But although the outcome differed from that which USA Today covered the last time the two teams met, Durant never seemed phased by the Raptors’ play as they marched on their way to a 131-128 victory. Much less did he ever appear bothered by Drake’s courtside antics.

If anything, throughout the contest, KD passed a couple of smiling glances the rapper’s way – and as For The Win notes in its reporting on the game – he’d even go so far as to peel the jersey off of his back and hand it over to him before making his way toward the visitor’s locker room at Scotiabank Arena. This after TNT peppered its telecast with flashes of Drizzy reacting to some of the more sensational plays on the night.

Perhaps their most animated interaction came when just before exiting the floor for halftime, Durant reached out and pinched Drake’s breast in passing. A slow-motion replay of the exchange showed both men chuckling as the former MVP proceeded to clamp down on and twist the Grammy Award winner’s nipple. By the time the clock had re-ensued for third quarter action, screenshots and video clips of the moment had gone viral.

For the record, Drake has always been playful with KD whenever Golden State is in town. And if the OVO Sound boss isn’t crashing interviews, as fans may recall him doing per Uproxx in 2016, he is carrying his bromance out on his own time, and at times, in his own company. According to NBC Sports, the rapper even went and got Durant’s number tattooed on his arm. Now, he’s got the actual jersey bearing those digits to match.

During his post-game interview, Durant obliged reporters on their questions regarding the jersey exchange – but not before he took a moment to recall Drake’s jaw-dropping reaction to a near-mid-court three he at one point drained.

“He talks a lot of trash over there on that sideline. So any time I can throw it back in his face, it’s definitely a win for me,” said Durant.