Evidence Of Reincarnation Was Removed From The Bible By The Catholic Church, Claims Scholar

A shocking claim suggests the Bible once contained evidence of the concept of reincarnation but was purged of such “blasphemy” thousands of years ago by the Catholic church.

The belief in reincarnation is as old as the hills. The feeling we’ve been here before is nothing new, but the cycle of life, death, and rebirth in a new physical body is not one we usually associate with the teachings of Christianity.

And that is exactly the viewpoint Christian authorities took when then they “deliberately suppressed” all evidence of the concept of reincarnation in the Bible, according to an outlandish claim.

The Express reports that a YouTube documentary makes the case for the concept of reincarnation being eradicated from the holy text.

Reincarnation is the belief that when our physical bodies die, the spirit begins a new life in a different physical body. The theory of metempsychosis has been incorporated into various religions. In Hinduism, the perpetual cycle of death and rebirth is portrayed as the wheel of karma.

Traditionally, Christianity, with its concept of Heaven and Hell, does not promote the idea that upon biological death the soul looks for a new body to begin the great cycle again.

Yet more and more historians and skeptics are becoming convinced that there was a lot of information deliberately left out and added to the Bible when the New Testament was published.

The narrator of the documentary posted by Alltime Conspiracies states, “Reincarnation goes against the orthodox church doctrine.”

The documentary then refers to religious author Geddes MacGregor who wrote in his 1978 book Reincarnation in Christianity that “Christians did believe in reincarnation.”

“All written evidence of reincarnation in early Christian teachings and in the Bible was deliberately suppressed by the Catholic church.”

Evidence indicates that many early Christians were open-minded and accepting when it came to the concept of reincarnation.

Gnostic Christians both adhered to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the belief in reincarnation.

It’s claimed that early church elders such as Origenes Basilides and St. Gregory taught their followers about reincarnation as a matter of course.

Many historians claim that early versions of the Bible contained passages about the teachings of reincarnation, but all evidence was expunged at a later date by church authorities.

Some even claim that reincarnation was one of the pillars of true Christian belief and that without it, the religion is doomed to crumble and collapse.

They ask, “How could a benevolent, loving God give one person a silver spoon and leave the next to starve in their ostensibly only earthly life?”

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