Adele Grammys Photo Shows Songstress Chewing Out Chris Brown [Pics]

One wonders what Chris Brown could have done to set Adele off like that.

The 55th Grammy Awards is an event primarily being told in photos this morning, what with two priceless Ellen DeGeneres pics (one photobombed by Kelly Clarkson, the other featuring major Katy Perry cleavage) and now Adele’s Grammy photo, which shows her apparently scolding Chris Brown.

There are a ton of rumors and theories flying around about Adele’s Grammy photo right now, but the most popular is that she’s dressing him down for his poor manners. Sure, Chris Brown throws endless temper tantrums and pity parties for himself. Sure, he’s a mysoginist. Sure, he’s arrogant. But Adele is apparently angry because he snubbed Frank Ocean.

The clip making rounds on the Internet right now shows Brown sitting comfortably during Frank Ocean’s standing ovation for best urban contemporary album. Since Ocean and Brown recently got into it (with rumors that Brown insulted Ocean with a homophobic slur), Brown decided to sit this one out, which is completely expected from a person with zero class.

But if you look closely, Adele is watching Brown from the corner of her eye in the photo. She’s only a few seats ahead of him and can see him sitting while everyone else is on their feet. It’s an obnoxious scene, and many theorize that it’s the reason for Adele’s Grammy photo in which she is apparently lecturing Breezy.

Then, the two were photographed later arm-in-arm, grinning awkwardly. So I guess they settled it.

Check out the photos below: