U-Turn Fiasco Video Is Fake? ‘Austin Powers’ Inspired Driving Was Staged [Video]

A man in Naples, Italy thought that he could make a u-turn on a narrow street. He thought wrong. The u-turn fiasco stops traffic in both directions, causes dozens of people to come yell for him to move, and even blocks a funeral procession. And, or course, it was all caught on tape.

The video is so bizarre that many people believe that it was staged.

If it is fake, there’s probably a company behind it. But who would have staged the u-turn fiasco?

Is Fiat trying to show off the limited turning radius of the Fiat 500? Is the Catholic Church trying to get back on people’s good sides by showing how good they are at giving directions to confused drivers?

Is it an Italian tourism video convincing outsiders to come to Italy? You know, because if you do, and you make a driving mistake, you’ll get to see one of Italy’s famous mobs?

What do you think? Is the U-turn fiasco video a fake?

If you think that scene looks oddly familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen Austin Powers before.