Coyote Hunting Contest In Colorado Drawing Backlash

Adin, CO – A Colorado coyote hunting contest has attracted a lot of controversy. Opponents of the Adin hunting competition estimate 200 hunters took part in the annual Modoc County event. The coyote contest took place for the seventh time over the past weekend.

The coyote hunting contest began on Friday and ran through Sunday. Those protesting the Colorado competition feel the annual event contradicts wildlife management practices and is inhumane, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Project Coyote Executive Director Camilla Fox had this to say about the Modoc County hunting contest:

“We feel the killing of coyotes or any other wild animal as a part of a contest is unethical, ethically indefensible, and contrary to sound science.”

Project Coyote promotes “educate coexistence between coyotes and people, according to the group’s website. The group believes in management policies which reduce the number of coyote-human conflicts. Project Coyote hosts a multitude of events each year to spread awareness about coyote hunting and to educate citizens about living near North American “song dog” populations.

The number of animals killed during the coyote hunting contest is not currently known. The Adin Supply Company and the Pit River Rod and Gun Club are the sponsors of the Modoc County competition. The hunter who kills the most coyotes reportedly wins a belt buckle.

Supporters of the coyote hunt maintain that the annual event benefits the community. Coyotes allegedly kill approximately $4 million worth of livestock each year. Roger Hopping, a local resident shared his opposition to the coyote competition. Hopping claims he once discovered carcasses left on the ground by the winning team. Hopping,72, noted he used to hunt ducks and is not anti-hunting, but he is opposed to a “killing contest.”

What do you think should be done to humanely curtail the coyote population?

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