Kevin Durant Kisses Fan Hit In Head By Errant Pass [Video]

A video clip of NBA star Kevin Durant kissing a fan in the stands is making its rounds in the internet once again.

During the incident, which happened in November 2012, the Oklahoma City Thunder forward felt badly after his errant pass flew into the court-side seats and hit an elderly female spectator in the face.

Showing why he is easily one of the league’s most respected and loved players, Durant immediately walked over to the woman to make sure she was OK, and gave her a kiss to let her know he was sorry.

For those familiar with Durant’s courtside manner, the NBA’s reigning scoring champ is actually no stranger to dealing out smooches on the hardwood.

HuffPo notes Kevin’s mother, Wanda Pratt, is a regular attendee at Thunder games, and the two have never been shy about sharing their affection.

During the closing seconds of Oklahoma’s 2011 season-opening win against the Magic, Durant strolled over the sideline and lowered his head to receive a kiss on the cheek from his mother, who was watching the game from a courtside seat.

“He just kissed his mom as he went by! I love that,” said ESPN’s broadcaster Doris Burke, at the time. “Look at that. That is fabulous. My son, Matthew, I hope you were watching that.”

Watch as Durant kisses a fan struck by his errant pass in the video below:

Despite Kevin’s tender heart towards those watching him play, the four-time All-Star isn’t quite so kind to those who stand in his way on the court.

Just last month the lanky 24-year-old dropped a career high 52 points as his Thunder defeated the Dallas Mavericks.