ABC’s ‘Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers Reveal Colton Underwood’s Final Rose Pick Via Reality Steve [Updated]

Craig SjodinABC

Fans have been impatiently waiting for gossip guru Reality Steve to reveal the goods on Colton Underwood’s final rose ceremony. Filming wrapped earlier in November, and now he says that he has the key Bachelor spoilers regarding the ending of the upcoming season. After some major teases and speculation, there are indeed some interesting tidbits involved in how this will all play out.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers had indicated that Colton Underwood’s final three ladies were Hannah Godwin, Cassie Randolph, and Tayshia Adams. The gossip king had also said that he was hearing that Cassie was a very strong front-runner for Colton’s final rose, per the Inquisitr.

It became clear that the final rose ceremony had taken place — and Underwood was back home again — but Reality Steve noted that he needed a little more time to dig into the information he was receiving to ensure that it was correct. Some Bachelor spoiler fans questioned what seemed to be a shortened timeframe for filming the last parts of the season, and Reality Steve got people buzzing with a tweet hinting that something unusual had transpired.

Now, Reality Steve‘s Bachelor spoilers provide clarity and delicious details. The gossip king said, via Twitter, that the ending is interesting. Something happens that viewers have never seen before, and his new blog post breaks it all down.

The gossip guru says that Colton had his overnight date with Tayshia on November 6 in Sagres, Portual, and Reality Steve shared a picture showing the two of them together. Apparently, Underwood and Randolph then had their overnight date on the November 8.

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve reveal that rather than go on an overnight with Hannah, Colton already knew he wanted to pick Cassie — and he told Hannah as much, sending her home. In addition, Underwood apparently sent Adams home at that point as well, although the exact order and timing of this isn’t entirely clear yet.

Reality Steve says that Cassie got Colton’s final rose and a proposal, and that she accepted. He had said via his earlier Bachelor spoilers that he expected Randolph to be Underwood’s pick, and that seems to be how everything ultimately played out.

What is unknown at this point is how this will all play out on television. If Reality Steve’s spoilers are correct — and the timing intimates that they probably are — then there is no rose ceremony after the overnight dates, no need for last-chance dates, and no suspense with a final rose ceremony.

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers about this 2019 season be right? Will Colton Underwood — and supposed final rose recipient Cassie Randolph — eventually walk down the aisle?

The journey begins on January 7, and it sounds as if fans will have plenty to buzz about this time around.

Updated: Reality Steve has just shared some revised spoilers for Colton Underwood’s season and there are some interesting adjustments involved! He says that Colton and Cassie are together, but not engaged, and there were some wild developments at the overnight date stage that led to that ending!