Michael Buble Says He Has A New Perspective On Life Following Son’s Cancer Diagnosis

Andrew ChinGetty Images

After a rough few years, things are finally looking up for Michael Buble and his family.

Over the past few weeks, a normally private Buble has been opening up about his son Noah’s battle with cancer that put his career on hold. As the Inquisitr reported, Buble’s son was diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of 3. Michael’s wife, Luisana Lopilato, informed Michael of the shocking news just minutes before he was set to perform in London two years ago.

Following the diagnosis, Buble put his career on hold and stepped away from the spotlight to get Noah the help that he needed. But now that Noah is in remission, Buble is back to work, releasing his new album titled Love on November 16. But during his time away, Buble tells People that he learned a lot about himself and about life in general after going through a cancer battle with his young son. Now, the 43-year-old says he’s “different.”

“You don’t go through big things in your life, dramatic things like I’ve gone through or my wife has gone through without it having an effect on you.”

“I don’t think I feel very nervous for anything anymore,” Buble confessed to the publication. “The perspective that I have on life now allows me to understand that I don’t have to sweat the small stuff. I want there to be a purity, and I want there to be a focus on relationships and kindness. I’m spending my time doing things I love and with people I love, for people I love.”

Buble also talked about his decision to step away from the spotlight, saying that his son was his number one priority. The singer shares that in life, everyone goes through things and after that, you usually learn a lot about yourself as well as the people around you. Following the diagnosis, Michael and his family relocated from Vancouver, Canada, to Los Angeles so Noah could receive the best care possible while being close to family and friends. The whole experience also helped Michael to realize what amazing people he has in his life.

“Obviously everything can be super stressful, but I got some superheroes in my life.”

And though he didn’t know for sure that he would return to music, Buble says that he felt like he owed his fans a thank you for all of their support during such a dark time in his life and he felt that music was the best way to thank them. Michael teamed up with the great David Foster on the new album and he says that it’s been really “beautiful” to return to music.

“I feel like every performance, every time I meet somebody on the street, it’s really an opportunity to look them in the eye and express my appreciation and how grateful we are for their love and their compassion,” he shares.

Michael is also the proud father of 2-year-old Elias and daughter Vida, who was born in July.