‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Promo Teases The Aftermath Of Kiki’s Death Will Change Lives Forever

Brace yourselves, General Hospital fans! This week is expected to be a hard one to get through as the death of one of the soap’s beloved characters is happening. Everyone will be shocked when the news that Kiki Jerome is dead will spread. It will affect all of the people in Port Charles who loves her.

A new General Hospital promo was revealed on Twitter and it’s enough to send chills up your spine watching it. At the end of Monday’s show, newly married couple Jordan and Curtis entered their honeymoon suite only to discover that there was something or someone on the bed. Today they will find out that it’s not only a dead body, but it’s someone that they know well.

Ryan Chamberlain has struck again. It looks like he has killed Kiki in order to keep Ava Jerome from leaving town. The shock of Kiki’s death will be felt throughout Port Charles. The clip reveals that it is her lying there lifeless. This will affect Jordan as she forgoes her honeymoon to find the killer.

News will spread quickly and heartbreak will follow. Franco will be devastated as he thinks of Kiki as his own daughter. They have a great relationship, so this is going to be hard to watch. Liz will no doubt be there for him. She also adored Kiki. There is also Nina, the Corinthos family, and Griffin Munro who will all be heartbroken over this.

Griffin was the last person to see her alive, so he will be brought to the PCPD for questioning. It is doubtful that they would truly suspect that he would kill her and especially plant her body in Jordan and Curtis’ room.

The most revealing thing in the video preview, besides the body of Kiki, is that Ava Jerome ends up sleeping with the person that has just killed her daughter. She has no idea that he isn’t Kevin Collins. She will soon discover that Kiki is dead. At the end of the clip, it sounds like Ava is wailing after she gets the news. This week on General Hospital will definitely tug at your heart.

This is bound to break Ava after she discovers that she has just slept with the devil. Not only has she just lost her daughter, but it is inadvertently partly her fault. She just got through telling Ryan that either she will leave town or Kiki should. That is why Ryan struck. Of course, she has no idea that he is a serial killer and he is just trying to make her happy, but her need for revenge against Griffin and Kiki is what GH fans believe started the whole process.

One thing that all General Hospital viewers will agree on, the actors, especially Roger Howarth and Maura West, will knock it out of the ballpark in their upcoming scenes. Stay tuned to see the devastation that Ryan Chamberlain will bring upon Port Charles.

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