Demi Lovato’s Family ‘Worried’ Comeback Was ‘Too Soon’ After Rehab, Per ‘Radar’

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Demi Lovato has penned several comeback songs that reflect her struggles and strength after a tragic near-death overdose led her to a long rehab stint, according to Radar Online. But, is she rushing things?

The singer is allegedly ready to jump back into writing and recording music in a way that will likely inspire her millions of fans, but her family is afraid that it is “too soon” for her to be heading back into the limelight.

Radar reported that those closest to Lovato worry she may be moving too fast.

“Her entire team has made it 100 percent clear there’s zero pressure whatsoever in terms of her comeback,” a source told Radar.

Apparently, Lovato finds writing out her feelings and creating music is helpful as she continues to process her experiences over the past several months.

“Demi finds singing and writing cathartic and has been writing a lot of her own material, which she wants to get in motion pretty quickly,” said the same source to the news outlet.

Since leaving rehab after a near-fatal overdose in July of this year, Lovato has eliminated many of the people in her life that she associated with her old ways, including unfollowing many of her A-list pals on Instagram such as Nick Jonas, Iggy Azalea, and Selena Gomez.

Despite the potential for a relapse heading back into the spotlight can bring the singer, Lovato is more determined than ever to focus solely on her craft.

“She’s grateful to be alive and at the stage of her life where she wants to help other people, and her music will reflect that,” said the source, adding, “It’s all about staying strong and positive — one day at a time, of course.”

A report by Entertainment Tonight, suggests that Demi Lovato was “stressed out” and “overworked” before the drug overdose that landed the singer in the hospital on July 24.

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A source close to the situation told the news outlet that Lovato’s downward spiral began in the spring of 2018.

“The trouble is that Demi has been more successful than ever, and everyone wants a piece. It becomes this perfect storm. She pushed away all the people who are there to protect her,” the source explained.

Prior to her falling off the wagon, Lovato addressed rumors that she had fallen off the wagon with the song “Sober,” explaining that she had relapsed into addiction after recently celebrating six years of sobriety.

Lovato has yet to comment on whether she is writing new music on her social media page.