‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: A Body In Curtis & Jordan’s Suite, Fans React To What Looks Like Kiki’s Murder

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that there might be heartbreak ahead for Kiki’s loved ones, and Tuesday’s episode ended with a cliffhanger that certainly points in that direction. The last that everybody saw of Kiki, she was at her apartment — and Ryan surprised her at the door. Now, it looks like her lifeless body might have been stashed in Curtis and Jordan’s honeymoon room by Ryan, and fans have a lot to say about this.

There has been speculation, per the Inquisitr, for several months now that Hayley Erin might be leaving the role of Kiki on General Hospital. This news seems to be substantiated, as Erin scored a prime role on the Pretty Little Liars spinoff The Perfectionists. Once Ryan popped up and started to get close to Ava, speculation ramped up that Ryan might kill off Kiki.

Much like what happened with Nurse Mary Pat, viewers did not see Ryan actually kill Kiki. In addition — like Mary Pat’s murder — a body has been left somewhere shocking, and displayed in such a way as to cause chaos. That would certainly point to the body in Curtis and Jordan’s room being a dead Kiki, left there by Ryan.

It is possible that there is a twist of sorts on the way, and so far, there has been no confirmation that Hayley Erin is leaving General Hospital. However, it certainly doesn’t look good at the moment — and spoilers, via the Inquisitr, have teased at bad news for Griffin, and a big investigation on the way.

How are fans reacting to Tuesday’s cliffhanger? There is a lot of buzz on Twitter about this murder, if that’s what it was, happening off-screen. Will viewers get to see flashbacks? Is this a hint that there’s some kind of twist on the way? Does it signal anything, as audiences aren’t seeing Ryan actually doing these evil deeds?

This potential development has been speculated about for quite some time now, and viewers have been anxious to see whether the scenes would live up to the anticipation. It looks like, for some at least, it definitely did.

There is also speculation that it isn’t Kiki’s body set up in that room. It seems quite likely that is it her, but viewers won’t know for certain until Wednesday’s show airs.

There are also plenty of posts on Twitter celebrating what appears to be the end of Kiki, as there were numerous General Hospital fans who either didn’t care for Hayley in the role — or who didn’t like how Kiki was being written in recent months. In addition, there are people voicing their annoyance that Jordan and Curtis don’t even get to bask in the aftermath of their wedding, due to the body in their room.

Is there any hope for those who don’t want to see Kiki’s storyline end this way? If Ryan did kill Kiki, as appears is the case, it does set up a lot of drama for the weeks ahead. Nobody suspects “Kevin” of a thing yet, and there’s speculation that Griffin might become a suspect in this death.

Is there a big twist coming as some are hoping? What will lead to Ryan’s downfall? General Hospital spoilers suggest that things are going to be intense in the days ahead, and fans are anxious to see what comes next.