George Eads Bails On ‘MacGyver’ Mid-Season, Will Wrap Up Time As Jack Dalton On-Air In Early 2019

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

The CBS MacGyver reboot is going to be looking different in the second half of Season 3 and fans will be curious to see if a big cast change makes an impact on whether it comes back again next fall. George Eads, who has played Jack Dalton since the show debuted, has reportedly quit the series after an incident of sorts on the set recently.

The Hollywood Reporter details that there was some sort of drama on the set in October and George Eads “stormed off” despite the day of production not being finished yet. Now it seems that producers have agreed to let Eads bail on the remainder of his contract, and his last episode will air sometime in early 2019.

According to TVLine, Eads did return to the set at some point and has filmed since that initial dust-up. However, this apparently was a temporary return, likely done in order to wrap up his character’s storyline in a way that works for the viewers and the show.

At this point, no official comments have been released by Eads, CBS, or the show’s producers. Few details seem available regarding exactly what went down on the set that led the actor to storm off, but sources indicate that the character of Jack will be written out of the series.

While it is unclear what caused the final blow-up, it seems that Eads had been wanting to leave MacGyver for a while. The CBS show films in Atlanta, Georgia, and the actor was said to be anxious to be back in Los Angeles where his young daughter lives.

Of course, this is not the first time Eads had run into drama while working on a CBS show. He was one of the original cast members of CSI, and he left that series after 14 seasons after an altercation with one of the show’s writers.

In addition, both Eads and co-star Jorja Fox were briefly fired from CSI at the beginning of Season 5 when they tried to force a salary renegotiation. Both were brought back a couple of weeks later, but it did seem to leave a cloud over both actors for the duration of their time with the show. When it came time for the series finale, Eads’ character was written into the script, but the actor chose not to return.

Will MacGyver work without George Eads as Jack Dalton, a primary character in the series? Lucas Till plays the lead role and there are several other central characters involved in the series. Viewers will be anxious to learn more about what led to this sudden change and what CBS decides to do with the series going forward.