Jax Taylor Dishes On Brittany Cartwright's Engagement Ring, Explains How He Paid For It

Lindsay Cronin

Jax Taylor is seen opening up about his fiancee Brittany Cartwright's in a new sneak peek at the upcoming seventh season of Vanderpump Rules.

In the preview clip shared by E! News on November 26, Taylor is seen taking his two best guy friends, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, to the jewelry store to pick up the $70,000 ring he later presented to Cartwright in Malibu, California.

"So, I'm obviously getting engaged tomorrow," Taylor explains to his friends.

"Holy s**t! Say that again," Schwartz replies.

"That's tomorrow?!" Sandoval asks in shock.

According to Sandoval, who has been dating girlfriend Ariana Madix since Vanderpump Rules Season 3, he knew Taylor was planning to propose to Cartwright but had no idea he would be doing so that soon.

As for his own relationship, Sandoval said that it wasn't awkward to see Taylor and Cartwright get engaged and prepare to tie the knot before he and Madix take the next step.

"Obviously Ariana and I have been together for much longer than Jax and Brittany, but it's not awkward that they're getting married before us," he insisted during a cast confessional.

As the sneak peek continued, Taylor answered questions about how he was able to afford such an expensive piece of jewelry. In response, Taylor revealed it was the money he received from his father's passing that allowed him to spend $70,000 on Cartwright's gorgeous ring.

Months later, Taylor has been seen explaining that his father, who passed away last December, left money for him and his sister after he passed.

"When my father passed away, he left some money for my sister and I, and I'm using my money for the right," he said. "Every time I look at it I can think of my dad, and that's just another memory for me, so."

In his own cast confessional, Taylor said the December 2017 death of his father, Ron Cauchi, was "kind of a turning point for me." As he revealed, he was prepared for a downward spiral, but luckily, Cartwright stayed by his side and helped him turn everything around.

Vanderpump Rules Season 7 premieres on Monday, December 3, at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV. Taylor and Cartwright's engagement will be featured on the show, which both parties confirmed on their Instagram pages earlier this year.