Everlane Offers Special Cyber Monday Deal With 'Shoes What You Pay' Option

Black Friday and Cyber Monday see companies all over the world slash their prices by up to 70 percent as the start of the holiday shopping season hits ahead of Christmas, both on online platforms and in their physical stores. While most businesses have gotten involved in recent years, some have come up with a different solution to the day.

As reported by Business Insider, clothing retailer Everlane is one such company that does things differently come Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So far, the retailer has not cut their prices for Black Friday, instead offering to donate a portion of the money they make on the day to worthy charities.

This year, the charity that has benefited from Everlane's own version of Black Friday was Surfrider, with a total of $260,000 being donated to the environmental organization over the course of the weekend. As a result of that money, Surfrider will be able to remove approximately 20,000 pounds of plastic from the beaches. In terms of individual purchases, each one will contribute $13 to the cause or remove one pound of trash.

The announcement of this donation came on the back of the discovery of a whale that washed up on a beach with over 1,000 pieces of plastic inside its stomach.

Everlane has a transparent pricing model, and their prices are already at their lowest possible price, making massive sales a poor business model for the retailer. Instead, they've decided to support worthy causes at this time of the year. Even so, they have got offers on some of their more popular shoe designs for Cyber Monday, with a "Shoes What You Pay" sale.

The basic principle is that customers can choose between a predetermined low, medium, or high price for the item they want based on their personal budget for products that the retailer has an excess of. This sale also includes a rare slashing of prices on five of the retailer's Italian leather shoes for women. The sale is to continue until all the stock of the items on sale are sold out, as it is intended to make room for new stock.

One firm favorite among customers, the cult-favorite Day Heel, is available on the sale for as little as $98, marked down from its usual price of $150. While this isn't exactly the 70 percent slashing that customers have come to enjoy over the past few years from other companies, it's still a significant discount for a site that doesn't do sales.