Blac Chyna Tries To Fight Fans In Nigeria

It looks like Blac Chyna’s trip to Africa for the promotion of her new skin lightening cream didn’t quite get off on the right foot. A video clip that has been circulating the internet shows the reality television star nearly getting herself embroiled in a physical altercation not long after she touched down in Nigeria for the weekend’s events.

Soon after the recording in question was posted by The Shade Room, it went viral to show a red-clad Chyna pushing her way out of an SUV in an apparent attempt at approaching a heckler, according to Celebrity Insider. The footage shows the vehicle surrounded by dozens of chatty onlookers who observe as one of Chyna’s handlers tries to shove her into the ride.

What might have set the 30-year-old Kardashian associate off has yet been disclosed, but what is clear in the visual is that whatever the beef was left Chyna resistant to the idea of holding her tongue and her hands. At one point a bystander can even be heard yelling, “She’s fighting!” in response to someone who asked what was going on.

Sputnik News reports that the incident unfolded in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja the evening prior to her scheduled Whitenicious launch in the Lagos town of Ikeja on Sunday, November 25. As OK Magazine would reveal via photographs it obtained from later on that night, the dust-up didn’t deter Chyna from getting her party on in the motherland. Neither would it stop patrons from rolling through to see the famous American the morning after.

Just how well the Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening cream does in Nigeria remains to be seen. While word of the product has drawn criticism from those who foresee it sparking a colorist divide among black people, there is certainly a market for such cosmetics – even in Africa. Still, at $250 a pop, the Swarovski crystals decorated jar might be a hard sell in spite of its promise to remove dark spots, even tone, and lighten skin.

Blac Chyna has found herself steeped in controversy since announcing the initiation of Whitenicious via a collaboration with a fellow cosmetics entrepreneur by the name of Dencia earlier this month. As the various quotes that Life and Style Magazine pulled from around social media shows, many were especially livid over the fact that she intended on marketing the cream in Africa of all places. But the backlash has apparently had no effect on her plans to continue pushing the Whitenicious line.

“Today was amazing I wanna thank everyone that came to support me and business partner [Dencia] for this amazing launch in Nigeria,” Chyna would take to Instagram to write after her in-store appearance.