‘Hot’ Jeremiah Duggar Secretly Courting, Per ‘In Touch’

A new report from In Touch alleges that Counting On star Jeremiah Duggar may be in a courtship if several social media posts are any indication to his intentions in the romance department.

Long known as the “hot” Duggar son, Jeremiah Duggar has allegedly been outed by their pal Elijah Kaneshiro in a series of photos posted to Instagram, where he is seen with two young woman and other friends as they shared a meal.

In the past, when a Duggar family member is courting a potential mate, they show up on either family members or pals’ social media accounts with their intended long before an official announcement is made since Duggar kids are not allowed to have their own social media before they are engaged.

Fans have long expressed love for the handsome Duggar son on social media, who will turn 20 alongside his brother Jedidiah on December 30.

They are hopeful both handsome boys will find lasting love of their own after one of the brothers was sideswiped in the romance department by a member of their own family.

Longtime Duggar fans know that Jeremiah’s twin Jedidiah was the first man to court Kendra Caldwell, the now-wife of his brother Joseph. In what would be a scandalous move for any brother, Joseph basically snatched Kendra out from under his brother’s nose.

The Hollywood Gossip alleged back in 2017 that before she began her relationship with Joe, Kendra was courted by Jedidiah Duggar. The site alleges that Duggar family patriarch Jim Bob felt that Kendra was better suited to Jed’s older brother Joseph and squashed the couple’s relationship in its infancy.

A business associate close to the family revealed to THG that “Joe moved in and bumped [Jedidiah] out” during the early stages of the younger brother’s courtship with Kendra. The site also revealed that there was a “period of hostility between the brothers that ended only when Jed wrote a letter granting his blessing for Joe to pursue a relationship with Kendra.”

The Duggar family’s official statement regarding the couple’s relationship revealed that Joseph and Kendra first met through their church and began courting in March 2017. Joseph later popped the question at his sister Joy-Anna’s wedding in May 2017.

Joseph and Kendra married on September 8, 2017, and welcomed their first child together, a son named Garrett David in June of 2018, almost nine months to the day of their wedding.

Fans are still hopeful that both Jeremiah and Jedidiah find true love, perhaps with two of the daughters of the supersized Bates family, longtime friends of the Duggar clan.

One admirer of the family stated her wishes on Instagram, “Jeremiah and Katie Bates would make a cute couple.”

Counting On is currently on hiatus, but a special episode dedicated to the wedding of John-David Duggar and Abbie Burnett will air on TLC Tuesday, November 27.

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