The Wedding Poser: Adam Sandler Takes Break From Pickup Basketball Game To Take Pictures With Bride And Groom

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images for IFP

Adam Sandler always has time for his fans — even if he’s in the middle of an intense pickup basketball game.

This weekend, pictures circulated showing the actor taking a break from his basketball game to pose with a bride and groom who happened to be taking their official wedding photos in the park at the same time. TMZ published the pictures, which showed the sweaty comedian smiling beside the couple.

“The newly hitched couple, Tatiana and Karan, hit up a park Saturday in Boca Raton, FL — where they were set to take pictures with Palm Beach Photography — and the pair noticed a familiar face on the basketball court… none other than Robbie Hart himself,” the report noted.

“We’re told Karan asked Adam if he was up for taking a photo — an official wedding photo, no less — and he happily obliged. Granted, he wasn’t suited and booted like he was in the 1998 cult comedy classic — but he posed for a photo-op anyway… sweat and all.”

Sandler has gotten a reputation for making time for his fans, and social media is often filled with pictures and videos that fans have taken with him.

And this is not the first time that the Wedding Singer star has helped to make a fan’s wedding day a little more memorable. Earlier this summer, he crashed another photo shoot for some fans who had just gotten married. As the Metro noted, the 51-year-old actor came across Alex and Kevin Goldstein while he was out to lunch with his family in Montreal and the couple was posing for their wedding photos.

Sandler, who was sporting a VCU basketball shirt, raised his arms as the couple broke out into laughter in one of the photos. Kevin later told the BBC that his wife spotted the actor and decided to call him over.

To their delight, Sandler obliged.

“My wife yelled his name. We were taking photos. He came over and wished us well, he was just chatting to us. ‘We told him we’re huge fans, we love his work, we’ve watched all his films. He replied, ‘Good, I’ll take some photos then – mazel tov.'”

The couple later shared the photos on Reddit, where they gained viral attention. The also gave him an invite to their reception, but Adam Sandler told them he couldn’t make it. But they and the couple who got to meet the actor this weekend will have a story to tell for the rest of their lives.