Romee Strijd Reveals What Boyfriend Laurens van Leeuwen Said When They First Started Dating & It’s Adorable

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Victoria’s Secret model Romee Strijd shared an Instagram post to commemorate her boyfriend’s birthday. The picture showed the two sitting in front of what looks like an airport, as the two wore matching blue sweaters. Lauren wrapped his arms around Romee, as he kissed the side of her head. The model shared a sweet memory in the caption, revealing what he said to her when they decided to start dating.

“I remember 9 years ago when we started dating you asked me ‘Are you sure you wanna do this? because if we do, this is forever.'”

Who knows when Lauren will decide to propose to Romee if he still means what he said, but at any rate, the two are looking to be going strong and in love as ever. Fellow VS models showered Lauren with happy birthday wishes in the comments, as others commented that the post was “the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Someone else said, “goals” and another fan noted that they’re the cutest couple ever.

Strijd doesn’t often share photos of her boyfriend, but when she does, it’s usually paired with a thoughtful caption. For example, the model shared a portrait of her and Lauren in a post in mid-October when he decided to take a step back from YouTube and Instagram temporarily.

Romee talked about how the platforms help her stay driven, but that it’s ok to take a break sometimes. It would appear that the break helped her, because she was back on the platform before long and was super on top of her social media game.

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Just wanted to share with you guys that we took it a little easy on youtube, and instagram lately, we realized that it’s so important to sometimes take a step back and realize what you have and to be grateful for this. I needed this space lately to re-center myself and you know what.. that’s okay, sometimes you need to go back to a space where you can find out what really makes you happy. I personally realized that my family, my friends, but also the people I work with make me happy. I never forgot this but sometimes nowadays this image get portrayed that other stuff should make you happy, for example suffering, designer clothing, money, etc. Ofcourse people like to post this stuff because it keeps us all driven, because we all would like to have specific things, but lets all sometimes stand still and realize there’s no luck in those things, but only in ourselves. ????????❤️

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In the weeks leading up to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show taping, all of the Angels are especially busy promoting the big event. That’s all finished now, with the spectacle airing on December 2.

The period before the taping is a seriously busy one for the models, however, and hopefully, she’s had some time to unwind since then. After all, this is some of the ways Romee prepares, according to Grazie.

“I like to stay healthy and physically and mentally balanced all year long. But of course, at the moment of a VS show or a big bikini shoot, I like to look my best by watching my food a little bit more carefully, choosing the healthy options and waiting to have my cheat meals after the show is finished.”

There’s no doubt that Strijd looks fabulous year-round, however, cheat meals or not.

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Finally time to take a swim ????

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