Lady Gaga Reveals She's A Gamer, Stays Up All Night Playing 'Bayonetta'

Lady Gaga is known for her unique sense of style. From her insanely high platform stilettos to her killer hair, the singer often looks like a character plucked from a movie. According to a Billboard report from five years ago, she has dazzled in hundreds of truly bizarre outfits.

Just when her fans think they know her, she reveals something new about herself. Roughly 24 hours ago, Lady Gaga let her 77.1 million Twitter followers in on a little secret of hers – she's a gamer.

Given that unique sense of style, most weren't too surprised.

According to her latest tweet, her interest in gaming isn't just a pastime hobby. She has a vested interest in gaming as she admitted to spending most of her Thanksgiving holiday playing a game called Bayonetta.

Lady Gaga revealed it was past four in the morning and she was still hooked on playing the hack-and-slasher game in her latest tweet.

"Still playing #Bayonetta middle of chapter XIII and my hands hurt and I have to sleep and it's 4 In the d**n morning but this d**n dragon with the face that I have to kill with my weave. Smh. Give it another go in the morning #gamer respect to the experts I need emotional support." The singer penned in her tweet as she joked about how she needed to go to bed, but didn't want to stop playing.

This wasn't the first time Lady Gaga tweeted about the game she was obsessing over during the Thanksgiving weekend. On the 21st, the singer revealed she had to put a little distance between her and the game to recollect herself because of how engulfed she was becoming.

"Ok so I had to step away from the game for a minute to collect myself and now I'm in the middle of Chapter X and the battleships just WHHHHHY?!!!!!!!!!" She exclaimed attaching #Bayonetta #gamer hashtags to the end of her tweet.

Her fans showered both gamer tweets with love as they collectively accumulated over 4,000 comments, over 100,000 likes, and over 20,000 retweets.

A few Twitter users couldn't help but take her A Star is Born album cover art and slap the word "gamer" over the word star.

Some of her fans begged her to consider setting up a live stream so they could watch her while she was gaming. Other fantasized about what it would be like if Lady Gaga had a gaming YouTube channel.

One user took a different approach noting that it wasn't really "healthy" to continue to play a game – or do any other task – until you are so exhausted you fall asleep. The individual also admitted the thought of Lady Gaga playing a game till she fell asleep wasn't that different from a kitten playing until he or she falls over asleep.

While some expressed concern for the singer's well-being. most loved the idea of picturing Lady Gaga holding a gaming controller.