‘The Conners’ Christmas Spoilers Revealed

Eric McCandlessABC

The Conners fans will see Dan, Darlene, Becky, Jackie, and DJ celebrate Christmas early this year, and ABC is revealing some spoilers to hold viewers over.

According to My Stateline, The Conners Christmas episode will by titled “Hold The Salt,” and will air on the network on Tuesday, December 4. The show will reveal how the family is gearing up for their first Christmas without matriarch Roseanne, who was revealed to have overdosed on prescription medication following knee surgery.

The report reveals that Dan Conner (John Goodman) will question the motives of sister-in-law Jackie Harris’ (Laurie Metcalf) new boyfriend, Peter, who is being played by guest-star Matthew Broderick, when he finds out that Jackie has dropped some serious cash on a holiday gift for her unemployed new beau.

Meanwhile, Dan’s grandchildren, Mark and Mary, will be hard at work on their Christmas lists, and the situation could spark a conversation about many things such as religion, finances, or their late grandmother, Roseanne.

All the while, Darlene Conner (Sara Gilbert) will reportedly receive some advice from an unlikely source. Since Juliette Lewis is confirmed to guest star in the episode, fans can expect to see Darlene have another conversation with estranged husband David Healy’s (Johnny Galecki) girlfriend, Blue. Jay R. Ferguson is also appearing in the episode as Darlene’s new boss and likely new love interest.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in the previous episode of The Conners, fans were shocked to learn that Becky Conner (Lecy Goranson) found out that she was pregnant.

Not only was the pregnancy shocking because doctors told the character she would likely never be able to conceive children, but because the father of the baby was revealed to be Becky’s co-worker, Emilio.

Becky revealed that she had planned to keep the baby and raise the child alone. Later, some of Becky’s regular customers, Maria and Bridgette, at the Mexican restaurant where she works find out that she’s pregnant and believe she could be the perfect person to have an open adoption with.

Maria tells her partner that she would love to adopt Becky’s baby, and that she could be the “perfect” person that they’ve been looking for, because they all know each other, and Becky could still be involved in the baby’s life.

As many fans will remember, during the first and only season of the Roseanne revival, Becky was planning to be a surrogate for a couple she had met, which included her being paid $50,000 in order to supply the egg and carry the child for the couple, but it was revealed that she had a less than 5 percent chance to conceive and the deal fell through. This means that Becky may consider the couple’s offer to adopt her child if presented with the opportunity.

The Conners airs Tuesday nights on ABC.