‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers: Reality Steve Teases An Interesting First Coming In Colton Underwood’s Season

Paula LoboABC

The Bachelor spoilers regarding Colton Underwood’s final rose ceremony have not yet emerged, but gossip king Reality Steve is having a little fun with his followers via his Twitter page. He has already shared some spoilers regarding what is on the way with this 2019 season, and he has promised that bigger scoops will come soon. In the meantime, he is sharing just enough to get fans buzzing and anxious for more.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed that filming for Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season has ended and that he’s heard some rumors about the final rose ceremony. While he digs to confirm what he’s heard, he has teased that there is a big story that will dominate this upcoming season. Given the way Reality Steve noted this upcoming storyline, it made it sound as if it’s something other than Underwood’s virginity.

Now, Reality Steve shared a new teaser via Twitter. Unfortunately, he kept it simple and vague. He tweeted that he had come across an interesting tidbit that would be a first. Now, granted, he didn’t indicate for certain that this was related to Underwood’s Bachelor season, although it seems almost certain.

In addition, Reality Steve’s spoiler didn’t reveal whether his tweet is connected to Colton’s final rose ceremony. Given the timing of where things stand with revealing his Bachelor spoilers, it seems likely, but he loves to get followers talking and it could be about someone else in the franchise or something else entirely.

If this tease is about Colton’s Bachelor season, what would he learn that would seem interesting and a first? Obviously, Underwood losing his virginity would be a first, but that’s almost expected given all of the hype going into this next Bachelor journey.

There are a few other things that would be firsts, like the final rose pick rejecting Colton or Underwood making a truly last-minute switch in terms of who he chose. Some fans have speculated that Reality Steve’s tease might be a reaction to Colton’s tweet from earlier in the day where he wrote about an upcoming date night he wanted to make memorable.

Reality Steve’s tweet did come less than 30 minutes after Colton’s, so it is possible that’s what he found interesting. However, Underwood is surely joking around about hitting a Denver Nuggets game with anyone that would spoil the season. So some would question if it’d really be all that interesting a post.

Will there be a big shocker and first for the show on the way via Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers or is this tease going to ultimately be nothing all that special? Colton Underwood’s season debuts on January 7 and fans cannot wait to see how everything plays out this time around.