Black Friday Extends To Cannabis Dispensaries, Here Are The Best Pot Deals

Black Friday even extends to cannabis dispensaries! And when you think about it, it’s hardly a surprise. Considering that about two thirds of Americans live in states where cannabis is legal in one form or another, pot shops are getting in on the holiday sales action by offering Black Friday discounts on marijuana products.

Call it “Green Friday.” As Politifact reports, about 207 million Americans — roughly two thirds of the population — live in states where you can legally buy pot, at least at the state level. Cannabis remains illegal at the federal level.

And according to cannabis-industry magazine Leafly, several dispensaries are offering Black Friday — er, Green Friday — deals.

The West Coast is where most of the deals are, considering that almost all of the states which border the Pacific (California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii) have legal, recreational pot. Hawaii is the sole exemption, only having medical marijuana access. For example, the MedMen chain of dispensaries — with locations in the L.A. and San Diego areas — rewarded early risers with 40 percent off certain products. Those who couldn’t make it in before 10:00 a.m. local time still got a deal, albeit a not-as-sweet one: 25 percent off certain products.

Up the coast in the San Francisco area, Barbary Coast on Mission Street is offering bags of cannabis-infused cookies on a buy-one, get-one-for-a-dollar basis.

Outside of California, Portland’s Budlandia locations offered an array of deals as well. All bud — that is, cannabis flowers — was 20 percent off for early birds. Edibles were 30 percent off, and half-gram pre-rolled joints were $2 each, with a limit of four per customer. Over in Spokane, the entire inventory is 30 percent off today, and some strains are going for as little as $40 per ounce.

And while the West Coast — and non-coastal Western states like Colorado and Arizona — have been ahead of the curve in cannabis legalization, things are looking green in some places east of the Mississippi as well.

For example, in Massachusetts, where dispensaries have only been open for a few days, stores are offering Green Friday deals. For example, the Revolutionary Clinics chain, with locations in Somerville and Cambridge, is offering 20 percent off on pre-made cannabis gift packs.

“Each pack features a group of products on an effect-based theme like sleep, relax, healing, and more.”

And Theory Wellness, with locations in Bridgewater and Great Barrington, is offering their entire inventory of cannabis products at 20 percent off.

It’s not just states where recreational pot is legal that one can find Green Friday deals. Even in states where marijuana is only available medically, such as Illinois and Michigan, dispensaries are offering special deals for the day as well.

Whatever you do — don’t buy marijuana as a gift for somebody else and send it to them in the mail. Doing so is a federal crime, and at the very least — if you get caught, that is — the product will be confiscated. Both sender and receiver could even be looking at potential jail time.