Sarah Ferguson Says Princess Diana Would Have Been Proud of Her Daughters-In-Law, Kate & Meghan

Sarah, Duchess of York, seems to have re-entered royal circles in 2018 after attending the weddings of both Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and her daughter, Princess Eugenie, to Jack Brooksbank.

As reported by Harper's Bazaar, Sarah explained that her reappearance in the royal family was nerve-wracking for her, but added that she felt very honored to have been invited to Harry and Meghan's wedding, particularly after she was left off the invite list in 2011 when Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, tied the knot at Westminster Abbey.

The former wife of Prince Andrew shared her feelings as she approached St George's Chapel for Harry and Meghan's wedding back in May this year.

"The minute I started to walk, I kept thinking of Diana in my heart and I thought of my mom and my father who would say, 'Come on, the show goes on, get on with it!'... And someone went, 'Fergie' and it was like the old Fergie was back."
The Duchess of York and Princess Diana, Harry and William's mother, had been close during their tenure as royal wives, and were brought down with a fall from grace around the same time as they both divorced in the 1990s.
Sarah also decided to share what she thought her former sister-in-law would think of her daughters-in-law, Catherine and Meghan.

"She'd really just be so proud. Even before they got married, Diana would have been just literally going 'I can't believe these boys have done so well.' They are such a credit to her. She had this enormous compassion and I honestly think she'd be so proud of the wonderful Meghan and Catherine as well. She'd want to embrace them and say, 'You're doing well,'" the duchess said.

It's been over two decades since Diana tragically died in a car accident, long before either Catherine or Meghan came into her sons' lives. Even so, both women have supported their husbands to speak openly and honestly about the psychological effects of their mother's death. Both are strong advocates for mental health, sharing their own experiences and encouraging others to do the same.

Catherine and Meghan also show a strong streak of Diana in them with their own philanthropy and their willingness to get involved in worthy causes and interact with the public when carrying out their royal duties.