Marty Scurll Spills The Beans On Whether He'd Sign With WWE

Marty Scurll, one of the hottest names on the independent wrestling scene, recently had an interview on The Ross Report (as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.), and one of the major topics he hit on was whether he'd be interested in signing with the WWE in the future, or if he'd prefer to keep doing his own thing as an independent performer.

As it turns out, he's not particularly interested in making that move, at least not right now.

"I'm always going to work best, I think, doing things on my own. In terms of WWE, great company, I'm not sure if that's ever something that I would really want to do."
Scurll elaborated on why the WWE might not be the best fit for him. He said that he spent most of his working time as a young man getting fired from various jobs because he never had much of an attention span. He says that he always got good grades in school, but that he was always in trouble. It sounds like being able to do his own thing is a better fit for his personality type.

However, Scurll most definitely didn't close the door on going to WWE at some point. It sounds like the allure of competing at WrestleMania is something he's thought about quite a bit.

On the subject of competing at WWE's massive annual event, he said, "At the same time, I'd be lying if I told you I hadn't thought about doing my entrance, for example, at a WrestleMania. I'm sure that could be a hell of a production and something the fans can really get behind."

With all of that said, though, Scurll wants to make sure he does what's best for his career.

"It just has to be on the right terms," Scurll said on the matter. "It always has to be what's best for me."

When asked about the state of the independent wrestling scene, Scurll was extremely happy with the way things are right now.

"We've got our shirts in every single mall in America now," he said.

"Most recently with the growth of things like New Japan and even companies like Ring Of Honor and stuff we've been doing, it [has] given us another platform to make money and not just provide for our families, but make good money," Marty Scrull said on how successful independent wrestlers can be in today's scene.

Scurll even talked about the state of wrestlers as independent contractors and how he's happy to be one.

"I'll be an independent contractor and I'm going to make sure that I am my own boss, that I pick my own hours. I'm going to make my own business decisions. I'm going to be where I want to be when I want to be and that's really cool."