Kylie Jenner Flaunts Her Dangerous Curves In A Tight Gold Dress

Kylie Jenner is Kardashian royalty!

Says fans after seeing the sultry Instagram photo of her posing in a revealing gold mesh dress and fur-trimmed crown perched on her head. In the post titled 2019 Calendar Dropping This #BlackFriday, the 21-year-old is teasing a sale of merchandise — and — perhaps even a sexy calendar that she’ll be discounting on the official Kylie Jenner Shop. The sultry post of the KUWTK star promoting Black Friday sales on her website has received over 2 million likes since it was uploaded two hours ago.

The makeup mogul is shown in the pic sitting with her legs crossed, and her pose illustrates a guitar-shaped figure that’s about to bust out of the stretchy gold dress. Jenner tops off the regal vibe with a chunky gold necklace adorned with crosses, along with matching earrings. The image shows the reality TV star reaching up and placing a faux diamond-encrusted gold crown on her newly ash blonde hair to boot. Kylie’s matte lips, glamorous makeup, and flawless skin are on point, as well.

Instagram users jumped on the coronation bandwagon and began worshiping the regal stunner in the comments. sent Kylie Jenner a crown emoji and proclaimed her “KING KYLIE????,” while renlambert_ commented “such a king????.” Others realized a Kylie crowned is supposed to be a queen, and fans such as matin_zy313 commented, “Queen (fire emoji). “La queen (heart emoji),” Ayelenblanco wrote,

On the other hand, Instagram follower fashiion.queen_, (aka singer Billie Eilish) upped the ante and wrote, “You should see me in a crown @wherearetheavocados.”

Yikes. The video isn’t for the faint of heart if you’re scared of spiders.

Switching gears a little bit, the Inquisitr recently reported on the bare armpit vs. hairy armpit controversy when Bella Thorne recently celebrated Julia Robert’s throwback photo of her waving and flashing a hairy pit on the red carpet at the premiere of Notting Hill.

In another Instagram picture, the actress appeared to have waved buh-bye to her razor and said hello to a whole lotta red.

To the chagrin of manufacturers of female razors everywhere, it reportedly seemed as if Bella Thorne was trying to kick off a new fad where ladies grew out their armpit hair willy-nilly.

However, Kylie Jenner fan and Instagram follower clare_gustafson wasn’t having any of it, and the question she asked Jenner let fans know exactly which side of Team Bare Armpit vs. Team Bella Thorne she was on. She asked the Life of Kylie star how she maintains her cleanly-shaven pits asking, “How are your armpits soooo Hairless? What’s your secret???”

Here is the self-crowned queen below in all her curvaceous glory.

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