Top 5 Black Friday Gifts For The Smartphone Lover In Your Life

It’s that time of year again — Black Friday season. Amazon has declared Black Friday week, so just go with it. You have probably already mapped out your game plan. You know what time you are getting up — and where you are going. Be sure to map out alternates, in case one of the stores is out of that must-have item.

The only thing left is to figure out what to get that one person on your list who is always glued to their smartphone. Here are a few suggestions!

1. A better smartphone

ZDNet presents “Best Black Friday 2018 smartphone deals: OnePlus 6T, LG G7, and more.” That is because this has been one of the most exciting years of smartphone releases in recent memory. You don’t have to go for the high-end iPhone to get a really good smartphone this year.

The OnePlus 6T is going to make a lot of people very happy this year. Mid-range Android phones are better than ever. On the iPhone side, nothing beats the iPhone XR for value proposition.

2. Truly wireless headphones

Right now, there are no better truly wireless headphones on the market than Apple Airpods. They work as bluetooth headphones on all platforms, but have more functionality for iPhones. There are other choices that are even more Android friendly. If you are going to go wireless, go truly wireless.

3. Inductive charging

Speaking of wireless, all of the latest and greatest phones are doing wireless charging. But that is one of those little extras that a lot of people still don’t have. For around $60, you can get a good inductive charging solution. But you can skimp a bit, buying chargers that won’t blow up in your face for around $20. The level of convenience it adds to a smartphone lover’s life is surprising.

4. Smartwatch

People who love smartphones would get a lot of use out of smartwatches, especially those models — like the Apple Watch — that double as fitness trackers. Unlike AirPods, Apple Watch should only be purchased for iPhone users. And you will find excellent deals on last year’s Series 3 models. There are many Android Ware watches from which to choose for fans of Android phones.

5. Smart speaker

9TO5Mac is touting Apple’s HomePod, on sale for Black Friday at a price point of $249. That’s an unprecedented $100 off of the regular price. This may be one of the best tech deals of the year. Once again, this speaker is only good for iPhone users. For everyone else, it is hard to beat any of the Amazon smart speakers on offer. Even iPhone users tend to like them a lot. The price ranges from about $30 to $200.

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