Stephen King Blasts ‘Chickens**t’ Donald Trump For Disrespecting Veterans And The Military

President Trump drew the ire of Stephen King when he recently challenged the integrity of the 2011 mission that retired Navy Admiral William McRaven led to kill Osama bin Laden. To King, the assertion that McRaven’s work would have been more praiseworthy had bin Laden been taken out earlier played on a pattern of statements that Trump has made, and actions he’s taken, that have only served to demoralize U.S. armed forces. In the words of the legendary scribe, “all these things point to a central fact: he’s a chickens**t.”

As has been cited by The Hill, King ripped into the president in a string of tweets that he published after sharing a question that fellow author Don Winslow posed to pro-Trump veterans.

“How much longer will USA armed forces support this loser?” the post quotes Winslow as asking.

On Tuesday morning, November 20, King built on Winslow’s condemnation of President Trump as a draft dodger and shameless critic of the late John McCain’s honorable service in Vietnam, by adding that he resents the commander in chief’s failure to visit combat zones “where he continues to put American lives at risk.”

King’s rebuke of the president’s military record came just one day after he lamented that “every day Trump finds a new way to denigrate, degrade, and debase the country he swore to preserve and protect.”

It wouldn’t be the last that followers heard from King on the controversial White House, either. The HuffPost reports that he’d later return to Twitter to call for impeachment on the basis of Trump’s handling of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, his replacement of Attorney General Jeff Sessions with “f**king crook” Matt Whitaker, and his defense of Ivanka amid an email scandal that some are likening to that which the president wanted Hillary Clinton prosecuted for.

While King is known to regularly express his discontent with the workings of the Trump administration, he is the latest in a succession of public figures who’ve taken a stand against the president on his remarks towards Adm. McRaven.

As USA Today points out, many of those who’ve come down on Trump are themselves respected officials who’ve served. Among the most notable have been Navy SEAL Robert O’Neil, who is said to have fired the shot that did away with bin Laden. Counterterrorism adviser under President George W. Bush Frances Townsend has also voiced his disdain for the attitude Trump came off with in his talk with Chris Wallace – as have ex-CIA director Leon Panetta and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who called Trump’s comment on the Abbottabad mission “complete ignorance.”