‘Dexter’ Is ‘Not Dead,’ According To Series Star Michael C. Hall

Season eight of Dexter was supposedly the final season of the series, but since very shortly after the series finale, rumors have abounded that Showtime executives were in the process of reviving the series. As of yet, no such announcement has been made confirming a ninth season of Dexter, nor a feature film or spinoff series.

However, according to a recent interview with Variety, series-star Michael C. Hall did confirm he is open to the idea of stepping back into the role of Dexter Morgan, if the script is right, but also added that he doesn’t “have any immediate, definitive plans to do any of that.”

People on the street are always telling me about the talk of a Dexter reboot. There’ve been little percolations, but nothing that’s felt worth pursuing. It’s an amazing world, and he’s not dead”

On one hand, season eight of Dexter was largely disappointing to fans and critics alike. It currently sits at a 45 percent critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes, with a fan rating only slightly higher at 51 percent. These critical scores, when compared with season one’s reception, tell of a major decline in viewer satisfaction.

Season one of Dexter currently holds a critical score of 82 percent and an impressive audience score of 96 percent.

On the other hand, the series finale of Dexter drew a reported 2.8 million viewers, the highest ratings in the history of the show’s approximate seven-year run. Such high viewership may seem enticing to network executives as well as cast and crew members of the series.

Dexter’s first season was based off the original novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, written by Jeff Lindsay. After season one, however, Dexter deviated completely from the book series, leaving behind all traces of the original novel. Lindsay wrote eight Dexter books in all, the last of which was released in July of 2015 and was titled Dexter is Dead.

Veering from the source material was fruitful for Showtime’s series, Dexter, both in terms of critical acclaim and commercial success. However, critical reactions began to wane following the series’ fourth season, which many fans argued should have been the definitive end to the series.

The final episode of Dexter was deeply polarizing, with some fans praising the show’s ambiguity, while many others felt it was a cop-out.

Another rift with fans was a subplot involving a potential romance between Dexter and his sister, Debra Morgan. Although the character of Dexter is her adopted-brother, the suggestion still proved too uncomfortable for many fans and critics.

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