Mexican Bar Featured On ‘Monday Night Football’ Was Actually a Buffalo Wild Wings

Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

Monday night’s NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs was an instantly legendary matchup, as two of the best teams in the league went back and forth with touchdowns. The Rams’ 54-51 victory was the highest-scoring game in the history of Monday Night Football, and the third-highest scoring in NFL history.

There was another unique subplot to the game Monday night. The Rams/Chiefs clash had originally been scheduled to take place at the Estadio Azteca soccer stadium in Mexico City but the league, citing poor field conditions, moved the game to Los Angeles last week. But the NFL attempted to make it up to Mexico City by announcing that a game will take place in 2019. And the ESPN broadcast, throughout the night, cut to live footage of a group of Rams fans watching the game at a bar in Mexico City, and celebrating on the (many) occasions in which the Rams scored a touchdown.

The ESPN broadcasters, each time, referred to the Mexico City watch party as taking place at “The Alboa Bar.” But a large number of fans watching the game noticed that the bar in question looked an awful lot like a Buffalo Wild Wings.

According to Awful Announcing, numerous viewers pointed out on Twitter that the bar was decorated and laid out exactly like a Buffalo Wild Wings, and the chain’s cups and menus were even visible in some shots. This looked familiar to anyone who’s been to one of those restaurants or has seen the numerous commercials for the chain that have frequently run during NFL broadcasts for the last several years.

The site later received confirmation from ESPN that the watch party was in fact held at a Buffalo Wild Wings. The Alboa Bar is an actual bar in Mexico City, but for some reason, the broadcasters were misinformed as to the location of the party. How exactly such a screw-up took place, without the announcers being informed during the game, remains unclear.

Ever since the NFL returned to Los Angeles last year, it’s often been pointed out that there’s not a whole lot of enthusiasm in town for the Rams or the Chargers, even though both teams are having winning seasons in 2018. The bar remotes appear to demonstrate that, south of the border anyway, there are at least a few fans who are jazzed up about the Los Angeles Rams. Even if they’re not watching at the exact bar where ESPN says they are.