Reality Steve Teases Big ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers, Hints Major Reveals For Colton Underwood’s Season Will Come Soon

Paul HebertABC

The countdown is on for the premiere of Colton Underwood’s 2019 Bachelor season premiere on ABC. Will Colton find the woman of his dreams? What kind of chaos can viewers expect, and what happened at his final rose ceremony? Gossip king Reality Steve has shared some Bachelor spoilers over the past few months, and now he’s teasing that he’s got good stuff coming out soon.

As the Inquisitr recently shared, Colton Underwood is done filming his Bachelor season and he is back home again. The final rose ceremony was reportedly filmed on November 15, but so far, Reality Steve hasn’t dished out any specifics beyond Colton’s final three ladies.

Reality Steve just published a new blog post, and he immediately acknowledged that he knew many were hoping for Bachelor spoilers regarding Underwood’s final rose recipient. However, the gossip king isn’t sharing details on that front yet.

“Have I heard the ending? Yes. Do I know it to be 100% solid and gotten the confirmation I need? No. So I’m just waiting on that. Once I know for sure and feel confident enough to run with it, then I’ll post it.”

The chances are good that Reality Steve will have what he feels is the confirmation he needs relatively soon and spoiler fans will get the scoop they’re anxiously waiting to hear regarding Underwood’s Bachelor ending. As reported by the Inquisitr, the gossip guru has a pretty solid track record, with the Bachelor side of the franchise in particular, and fans will be curious to see if the supposed frontrunner became Colton’s pick.

Reality Steve also shared another intriguing teaser in this latest blog post. He said that there will be some surprises within the episode-by-episode Bachelor spoilers when he reveals them. He isn’t sharing specifics yet, unfortunately, but it sounds as if something significant comes up that hasn’t already been on everybody’s radar.

“It’s probably one of the bigger stories this franchise has had to be honest. Going to be a major thing talked about pretty much most of the season once it’s shown on the show. Just be patient. It’s coming.”

He noted that he knows people are anxious to find out what he’s referencing, but he added that he knows everybody would rather he be right than just toss rumors out there and hope he’s right. Will whatever this is be juicy enough to live up to the hype?

The Bachelor fans can be certain that Underwood’s virginity will be a frequently-referenced tidbit. However, whatever Reality Steve is teasing is clearly something more than simply the fact that Colton is still a virgin, although it’s possible that it’s something related to this often-referenced status of his.

Will Colton Underwood’s run as the lead in ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season be an entertaining one for viewers? Will Reality Steve nail the spoilers and will the revelations he’ll share soon live up to the hype he’s teasing now? More information should emerge soon and the action kicks off with the premiere airing on Monday, January 7.